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Jon "runs through the burn" with a successful Couch to 5K


Jon bares his soul in this riveting episode, featuring his first 5k (did an injury hold him back, or did he run through the burn?) and a terrifying story of parenting that a lot of parents should be able to relate to. 164 more words


CAW Elite Wrestling Presents: PAYBACK "Undertaker’s Rules" (EVENT RESULTS) 5.22.2016

Match #1 – Spider Man Vs Stone Cold (Intercontinental Championship). Spiderman was able to shock the world and defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin to claim the Intercontinental Championship. 666 more words

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My Favourite Resident Evil Streamers

I thoroughly enjoy watching people play videogames. I enjoy playing them myself, of course, but there is something about watching people play that is a joy in itself. 1,115 more words


Streaming Other People's IP: Are Streamers Any Good at Selling Games?

Twitch broadcasting lives in a bit of a weird space so far as intellectual property (IP) is concerned. While obviously I do not have any legal credentials to back this up, I think it’s safe to say that most gaming content that is broadcast is infringing. 4,057 more words



What comes to mind when one thinks of the word sport? Teams, stars, money, stadiums, and fans are all parts of the sports experience. Football certainly has these things, same for baseball, and basketball. 859 more words


Stream pls.

Hello. I know it has been awhile.

It is phenomenal and scary (at the same time), trying to find a balance of what I have going on in my life. 444 more words


Miles Edgeworth & Simon Blackquill Confirmed To Appear In Ace Attorney 6

Two new characters have been revealed to appear in Ace Attorney 6! Dual Destinies prosecutor, Simon Blackquill, and fan favorite character, Miles Edgeworth, have been announced to join the cast via Famitsu. 27 more words