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Twitch Stream Story: The Ninth Tentacle

Jeremy’s can hit the water with a splash smaller than he would’ve liked. Its bubbling green contents leaked out into the lake water. He leaned over the edge of the kayak and watched the guppies that had scattered on impact. 1,358 more words


Week 1: AION with New Girl Gamer

Hi friends! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Huge thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me on my journey so far, it has been quite the week! 911 more words


Who needs "New Years" Goals?

Not me, obviously! Oh well.

I can’t believe how quickly January came and went! Goodness gracious, so much to do and time is just flying right on by! 368 more words

Simply Kitts

Black Desert Online Livestream Day #2

Hi all, here comes day #2 of my Black Desert Online streaming adventures! I’m now level 21 on my berzerker, level 21 on my warrior, and level 17 on my wizard! 177 more words


The Secret Reason Your Favourite Streamer Hates You: Backseating


This article is the first in an intended series on ‘viewers behaving badly.’ I say intended because I am familiar with the frustration that comes from an author proposing a series only to leave it unfinished and so take David Kreps’ approach in his… 3,895 more words


Black Desert Online Livestream Day#1

Black Desert Online

Good Afternoon Everyone!

So today we dive back into the Korean MMORPG that I feel has taken the scene to new heights. I started to play this game and loved it at launch, but faded shortly after because my friends stopped playing. 173 more words