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Knees, shins and ankles under attack

For the past couple of days now I have been experiencing various pains, throbbing, stiffness and twitching in my knees, shins and ankles. It comes and goes but when it’s at it’s worst I am limping when I walk and it hurts to put any weight on my legs. 141 more words

Cretzschmar`s Bunting on Bardsey. Friday 19th June 2015.

Though we have not been known for going to difficult places to see rare birds, Three “A Team” members decided to give it a go. So when a Cretzschmar`s Bunting was found on Bardsey and a “booking system” was in place (kindly policed by Lee Evans) after sleeping under boats etc. 597 more words


Sleeping Babies

Have you ever seen a newborn making faces in their sleep? Most of these twitches and movements are involuntary as these little ones are getting used to their bodies. 147 more words

Moral Question for Y'all

Ok, so this was just a random ‘what if’ question I thought of when I was riding home from my friends house.

If your horse was hurt, like let’s say, his eyelid (which did happen to one of Grandpa’s friends actually!!) was all cut up and needed medicine. 78 more words


Share the Awareness!

Did you partake in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last year? Over 2.4 million daring people participated in the event, in order to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). 356 more words

General Information

Do dogs dream?

Your dog falls asleep. About 15 or twenty minutes later it starts twitching and quivering- paws, nose, and tail…. Sometimes it seems like your puppy is starting to run, chasing after something or maybe even barking…. 362 more words


Twists and Shouts: Treating Tic Disorders and ADHD

Original post from ADDitude

‘………..by William Dodson, M.D.

Twitching, grunting, or blinking? It’s possible your child has a tic disorder alongside his ADHD. Here’s how to treat it. 764 more words