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Storks in nest

For me, there are four signs that Spring has truyly arrived, two of which I witnessed today, and all are from birds. The return of the storks, house martins, cuckoos and golden orioles means that summer is not far distant. 76 more words

OCD, Tics, and Tourette Syndrome

When my son Dan’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was at its worst, he developed facial contortions, or twitching, as well as some noticeable tics. As if having severe OCD wasn’t frightening enough! 406 more words

Mental Health


Ideas sprout like mushrooms
after rain
fading as echoes
that merge as memories
or thoughts
thriving and twitching
like leaves
before they decompose
in someone else’s clothes.


Twitching Arm

I had a somatic experiencing session a few days ago. I have done almost 20 sessions of SE work. It helps a lot. occasionally I will feel “twitchy” for a short while after the session. 65 more words

Sunday Sketches of a Robin

My lovely wife took these pictures of my robin sketch.

Spring is almost here!

The finished product:

I'm not drunk!

I think I need to get a badge or maybe a sandwich board, so that when hubby has to hold me up as I twitch madly people won’t point and stare at the woman who is drunk at 4 in the afternoon. 44 more words