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Twitching at Stockyard Point

Stockyard Point near Jam Jerrup in Western Port Bay is a good spot for some high tide wader watching. Once the tide rises many of the waders move across from feeding on the exposed low tide mud flats to the sand spits for a bit preening and sleeping. 288 more words


A Ruff Twitch

I  was sitting at home last friday browsing my emails when I saw a report of a female Ruff (Reeve). Unfortunately we had plans for that day so we could not make the two and a half hour drive to Barker. 250 more words

Birding Trips

Round 1 - Aftermath (3 days later)

The weekend I spent in a state of utter exhaustion. If I were a mobile phone, I would have been on 2% battery Saturday, rising perhaps to 5% on Sunday. 256 more words

Round 1

Taxonomy updates! 2017

As usual, every July, the AOU publishes the AUK magazine, I am always keen to read it as the July supplement often comes loaded with interesting taxonomic changes, this year is not the exception. 293 more words

Dickcissel Irruption in Ontario

This was definitely the Year of the Dickcissel in Ontario, an irruption year for a grasslands species that is one of the rarest breeding birds in Ontario. 335 more words


A Sudden Twitch - Malagasy Pond-Heron

Malagasy Pond-Heron?

Sounds exotic …. and indeed it is, if you are a South African birder.

This is how I came to see this bird and put to rest a certain entry on my life list that has gnawed at my birding conscience for many years. 1,308 more words

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