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Red in tooth and claw


We are strolling through the park to preschool. The sun is shining, the children are proceeding in the right direction at the right pace. Suddenly a crow flies by, with a  nestling fieldfare in its beak, the parents chack-chacking in outraged pursuit. 252 more words


Holy Island, Crimdon Dene & Teeside. Sunday 15th May 2016

Had a day out with the boys across the border from York, we had planned to go to Spurn, but after a bit of thinking, headed for Teeside. 360 more words

Bird Watching

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A lammergeier on Dartmoor - the fog of twitching

I spent most of yesterday trying to see the lammergeier, a large vulture with a wingspan of 2.75m, which had been seen on Dartmoor the day before. 678 more words


Becoming a twitcher

Some time last November, after bingeing for several months on nature writing, I decided I was interested in birds. It really was that simple, and I took the kids out to the leaden, shit-strewn park for an inaugural twitch. 293 more words



Pigeons aren’t exactly the most popular people around town. Some may even argue that pigeons aren’t people, however I’ve never been one to let the truth get in the way of a vague alliteration. 687 more words

Bird Watching

Twitching with the twitchers...

A rare bird was reported at the Western Treatment Plant a few months ago, a Red-necked Phalarope. It was quite far away in the middle of a large lagoon but I did get good views through my spotting scope and a few average photographs…and there was plenty of company to share my “lifer” (1st time seeing a new species of bird). 155 more words