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The Many Twitches of a Sleeping Kyoko

Sometimes when Kyoko falls asleep he does the cutest whisker and paw twitches.


Monday 27/07/2015 - Yukkiness, I'm Not Clever

Ok ok ok, I know changing dosages of prescription medication without speaking to the GP is never a good idea.

Going from two 75mg Pregablin, three times a day to completely cold turkey is an absolutely ridiculous idea. 117 more words


An intimate and a distant encounter.

While I sometimes feel pangs of envy (…or is it lust….?) on hearing about the presence of a rare bird, I would not admit to being a twitcher. 476 more words

My Cat has Diabetes: Diabetic Shock

So, I’m sure you’ve gathers that my cat has diabetes. His blood sugar was continuously high (as told to me by the BG meter) and not coming down. 449 more words

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Sensory overload and left side shakiness

Today is a very sunny and hot July day. Upon stepping outside I could barely keep my eyes open because the sunlight hurt so much. Not only that but the noise of cars and breaks screeching made me feel like I was going to pass out. 87 more words

New trending GIF tagged no adventure time mad...

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Muscle twitching everywhere

Over the past two weeks I have developed random muscle/nerve twitching in mostly my face, knees and ankles. But today is the first day where there has been consistent twitching in some part of my body every 5 minutes. 90 more words