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Anxiety roaring deep in the roots of my soul as if it were splitting me in half, the sensation leaves me only to wonder what if I had chosen the other path? 55 more words


Twitching due to Dysautonomia? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Before I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy, I had a tremor in my hand and my eye would get twitchy. I also dropped things, a lot. Other people with Dysautonomia complained of similar symptoms and it seemed logical that whatever was going on with me had something to do with my Dysautonomia. 197 more words


It Had to Happen. 12/2/2017

If you keep trying to do something without any joy, don’t give up, stick at it and eventually you will succeed. Now that is one of my many profound statements which can really be applied to the “A Teams” effort`s to see the Red Breasted Goose near Pilling, Lancashire. 477 more words


Goosed Again! 5/2/2017


The long staying Red Breasted Goose that has been in the Pilling area in Lancashire has been admired by visitors from far & wide, but not by any of the A Team. 424 more words


Great White Egret, RSPB Middleton Lakes

Great white egrets are now seen more frequently in the UK. After our visit to Chasewater to see the velvet scoter, we headed to RSPB Middleton Lakes in hope of seeing two great white egrets, a bird I have never seen before. 34 more words


The Velvet Scoter, Chasewater

The velvet scoter is a black seaduck. It does not breed in the UK but visits the east coast during the winter, so when we heard that one had turned up on Chasewater reservoir in Staffordshire of course we went in search of it. 30 more words


Midweek Twitching. 31/1/2017

A juvenile White billed Diver had been found on the River Whitham near Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. A strange inland record for the county, but even stranger was that the last one in the county was also found on the same river! 358 more words