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MS & Cats

I thought I was having really bad muscle spasms in my elbow.

Turned out it was just my cat’s tail twitching against it.  :\

It had to be a Bank Holiday weekend

It was Easter last week.  A Bank Holiday weekend.  Cagney was ill.

He appeared okay during the Sunday morning.  They are all moulting now so a bit of grumpiness & sleepiness was to be expected.  727 more words


Weighed Down…and Down and Down

When I travel, I pack well but I don’t pack light. Every nook and cranny is stuffed with rolled up socks, underwear, non-wrinkle tops, bathing suits.   569 more words


Just a Moment

Forgetful days
scattered with ash
and old animosities
by restless, twitching leaves
on the branches
of discontented trees.


Nothing is easy…

“Nothing is easy.
Though time gets you worrying
my friend, it’s o.k.
Just take your life easy
and stop all that hurrying,
be happy my way.” 545 more words


Storks in nest

For me, there are four signs that Spring has truyly arrived, two of which I witnessed today, and all are from birds. The return of the storks, house martins, cuckoos and golden orioles means that summer is not far distant. 76 more words

OCD, Tics, and Tourette Syndrome

When my son Dan’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was at its worst, he developed facial contortions, or twitching, as well as some noticeable tics. As if having severe OCD wasn’t frightening enough! 406 more words

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