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Twitching with the twitchers...

A rare bird was reported at the Western Treatment Plant a few months ago, a Red-necked Phalarope. It was quite far away in the middle of a large lagoon but I did get good views through my spotting scope and a few average photographs…and there was plenty of company to share my “lifer” (1st time seeing a new species of bird). 155 more words


Back to Nonsuch Park: Twitching Challenge Round 4

A bit of a belated post as I’ve been busy lately (see next post!), but I headed back to my old local park to walk my mothers dogs (on 23rd March), and while I was there I though I’d do my first twitching challenge in a while. 131 more words


Self-a-crested Cockatoo

I won’t bore you with the inane details of how I jizzed when I saw these birds, instead I will simply leave these photos for you to enjoy. 171 more words

Bird Watching

Easter Sunday on Teeside. 27/3/2016

A quickly arranged trip up to see the Penduline Tit`s at Saltholme Pools, Middlesbrough on Easter Sunday ended with us being disappointed! Four of us met at 6am (with the the clocks going forward it was 5am really) in Newhey and with a plan to get back early, surely it was just a question of going up to see the birds and do a bit of general birding. 300 more words

Bird Watching

Struggling author

For years now I’ve had twitches all over my body from little candy popping sensations to extreme muscle movements, like a twitch you’d get in your eyelid now and again. 232 more words


Hey everyone!

Hey everyone, welcome to the blog of a 33 year old guy living in Wales, UK. I am a sufferer of BFS (benign fasciculation syndrome), I’m a daydreamer and an anxious worrier. 51 more words


Dog Dreams

A foot twitches.

A yawn. Head raised, then down again.

Sleep Doggy sleep.

Breathing. Up and down. Up and down.

Another twitch. A change of position. 59 more words