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Dusky Thrush in Beeley, Derbyshire. 6/12/2016

The news late on Sunday of a Dusky Thrush in the small village of Beeley, Derbyshire was kept a little hush hush until access etc could be arranged. 319 more words


We are what we are

Have you noticed how we label things in an attempt to understand them? It’s not too bad with the simpler nouns -like “stone” perhaps: Stone, small, round, and maybe if we’re more knowledgeable about stones we can add other label to include categories like: basalt or granite. 761 more words


A travel writer tries to blend in with birders!

I can’t even say I’m a cuckoo in this international nest – after all, a cuckoo is at least another bird – I feel like a completely alien species. 1,105 more words


Another Broken Dish

While I was cleaning up yesterday, I dropped another dish and it broke. It fell on my foot before hitting the ground, and I’m lucky that it didn’t hurt. 57 more words


Birding or Twitching?

Nowadays there seems to be a rising elite of birders obsessed with adding newly seen birds to their yearly or life list. They strut around nature reserves with their Swarovski scopes, or their huge (camouflaged of course) lens intent only on seeing that newly arrived vagrant and ignoring the hundreds of other birds around them. 194 more words


Hooded Merganser at Kilbirnie Loch, Ayrshire, Scotland. 20/11/2016

The controversy surrounding most unusual wildfowl arriving on our shores has always mystified me, the usual questions, “is it wild, does it come to bread, has it got a ring, has it escaped from a wildfowl collection?” All may have a bearing on a bird’s ability to get it self-accepted by the rarity committee. 374 more words



I was really on top of everything that was happening yesterday. I decided to prepare the meal, which was Chicken Tetrazzini, ahead of time and then simply put it in the oven when my husband heads home from work. 296 more words