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An Obliging Shrike

Yesterday I did something that I don’t often do; I ‘twitched’ a bird, I don’t usually do this partly for reasons of practicality but also by choice as I am not really into the twitching scene – so when I do have a twitch it has to be for something really worth it. 419 more words


Spurn at its best. Sunday 18th September 2016


The east coast in migration time is very difficult to beat and with a nice forecast, myself and Bob K headed once more for the Spurn/ Kilnsea area. 415 more words

Bird Watching

Swamphens and Peatbogs. Sunday 11th September 2016

The full “A” team assembled in Newhey (after brief introductions) and after a small discussion we decided to head for Alkborough, North Lincolnshire as the Western Purple Swamphen was still present. 434 more words

Bird Watching

An Accident Waiting To Happen

JOY FULL Horses: Ten Things You Should Know About Cues: Number 9.) You Can’t Not Cue: Part 2 of 12

Use Your Cues
Cues evolve out of the shaping process.  697 more words

Clicker Training

Cornwall Trip (Again?) Sunday 7th August 2016

After lasts weeks trip to dip the Dalmatian Pelican I did not think that I would be going back again so soon. With the bird seemingly settling down again in West Cornwall, it do no harm to have another go would it? 486 more words

Bird Watching

Bad Times and Good Times (and a rest in between). 31/7/16 & 2/8/16


I don’t often chase after birds that might not get accepted by the great bird gods, but, I had a lapse and thought about the Dalmatian Pelican in Cornwall. 631 more words


The Curtain Twitcher's Handbook: Tip #1

‘Selecting the Tools of the Trade’ by Daisy May

It doesn’t matter what kind of curtains you have. They don’t have to be the traditional net or lace ones.

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