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What is a Tics Disorder?

We should first know it is a kind if movement disorders which are neurological conditions that affect the speed, fluency, quality, and ease of movement and is usually abnormal fluency or speed of movement . 60 more words

Ticking a long chased bird: Little Bunting in Bedfordshire

In 2002 when I was on a Scandinavian birding trip, I thought the Little Bunting wouldn’t be too difficult to add to my life list. The only morning when I got exhausted and some fever the team located a bird around Kuusamo, Finland. 552 more words


A Twitch to Kent : Day One

Friday, October 14th, 1988
This is a new venture for me. A minibus trip, to Kent for a whole weekend. Surely we’ll get to see something. 624 more words


The Dunnington (York) Pine Bunting. 25/2/2017

A Pine Bunting was found in Dunnington near York last week. It associated itself with a large flock of finches (Yellowhammer, Chaffinch, Brambling and Tree Sparrow) A few of our friends from the York area had really struggled to see the bird but, as the flock was being fed in a couple of area`s and with one of our team needing to see it, a trip was planned for Saturday. 238 more words


Northumberland & East Coast. 19/2/2017


Pacific Diver


Eastern Black Redstart

With two of the “A” team needing to see the Pacific Diver that has been present at East Chevington, Northumberland for a while and with the promise of fine weather, we arranged to go. 479 more words


Bluethroat, Willow Tree Fen, Lincolnshire

The bluethroat is a very rare bird to see here in winter. We managed to spot one on the East coast at RSPB Bempton Cliffs last year. 53 more words



Anxiety roaring deep in the roots of my soul as if it were splitting me in half, the sensation leaves me only to wonder what if I had chosen the other path? 55 more words