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Does that eye twitch annoys you?

Eye twitch (Hindi translation “phadakna“) is the involuntary spasm of the eyelid more commonly in the upper eyelid. It occurs occasionally and usually unilateral and lasts for few days. 477 more words


An Optometrist Explains What Your Twitching Eye is Telling You

Almost everyone experiences eye twitching at some point in their lives, but it is usually minor and goes away on its own after a few hours or days. 106 more words

New Fibro Symptom

I have a new fibro symptom. It started in my toes. In the evenings, they would start to twitch and spasm. Highly irritating and annoying. 53 more words



When I decided to document my year of birding, I immediately signed up to the South African Rare Birds group which sends out weekly and daily reports of all the rare and exciting birds seen in the country.  451 more words


The Turnstone - winter visitor

Over the past few weeks, I have spotted this lovely looking bird near the coast, both in Redcar and Whitby. On a recent, and may I add, very cold trip to Whitby these cheeky chaps were huddled together. 109 more words

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