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Welcome back to #RiseOfTheBadger: The new blog by the same author that brought you 60 Days Of Meat, The Fourth Cat and Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: The Journey Begins… 884 more words


Good Day one and all, welcome back to #RiseOfTheBadger. Firstly let me thank you for coming and taking a look at my blog. Now you have had a little introduction as to why we are doing this and who “HoneyBadger” is, I would like to briefly go over some of the requirements for this streaming adventure. 1,095 more words


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Meet “HoneyBadger”

That right there, that fine example of a young man you see before you is the “HoneyBadger” 599 more words


A year has come and gone since the 60 Days of Meat project, and yet here we are with little new  content. My writing seems to have become stagnant. 693 more words


Make the Most of Your Time as a Viewer

A long long time ago…
In a land of Twitchness not far away…

I used to write about and support growing streamers constantly. Part of this included some ‘fairly’ useful write ups about all sorts of things Twitch related.

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About SueZ_QQ

SueZ is a mother, wife, gamer, artist, dork, and content creator on TwitchTV. Her life has always involved gaming in one way or another; from learning to read while watching her mother play through The Legend of Zelda- to the many years she was a devoted raider in World of Warcraft. 270 more words


Twitch Con 2018| Learning from 2017.

Twitch Con’s Location

Congratulations, you decided to attend one of the most biggest social media events in gaming today. Twitch Con first started back in 2015 literally behind a Whole Foods Market. 1,307 more words