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I have no idea what I am doing on Twitch at the moment and would gladly appreciate some walk throughs!

The last few weeks have been crazy, haven’t gotten a whole lot done, between having the kids here and when they aren’t here, I’ve been sick. 144 more words


Magic Weekly Update

It’s a big weekend for competitive games Planeswalkers! Soon, people from all over the world will gather and compete in contests of skill, stamina, and determination for a chance to be crowned the best of the best. 1,007 more words

Magic The Gathering

Back to Streaming

Yeah, forgot to tell you guys, but I’m planning on getting back to streaming. I miss streaming. It gives me some kind of a virtual home. 84 more words


Domes03 - Small Stream Spotlight

Nominations galore for Domes03 and it’s obvious why. Interactive and informative, Domes03’s stream is a pleasure. He has a¬†friendly and welcoming demeanor and I felt like I had always been a part of the stream. 302 more words


tpatPEPPERS - Featured Streamer

With an overlay that looks similar to something straight out of MS Paint, tpatPEPPERS proved to be the most eccentric streamer I have come across. Humor abound and clever quips to keep the chat rolling steady, I was happy to have received the nomination. 395 more words


Overwatch Inspired Free Overlay

Made an Overwatch Inspired Free Overlay for live streaming!

Go grab it if you want, just proper credits required. Download link below. :)

Download Link: Overwatch Inspired Overlay


Welcome Madhatters!

Hey guys and girls welcome to my blog. Thanks to a certain someone I have decided to give blogging another go, yes I used to do this many moons ago, in fact it was that long ago that I cant be certain I had actually hit puberty yet, however, I now have hurrah! 444 more words