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Making It A Habit

You probably have an idea of what I’m talking since, like forever(?)

It’s about streaming.

I’m slowly getting back into art streaming this time, 2-3 days a week. 103 more words


Twitch, YouTube, and Podcast Goals

Happy Friday!

I wanted to layout some of my goals that I currently have for my creative content. The goals for my Twitch will also be refined and posted on my information section on the channel. 98 more words


Last Night's Live Stream

Finally streamed last night, the first of which in what seemed like an eternity. I have been going live from time to time this past month, but that was mostly to test out stream quality.I’m finally pretty satisfied with how the stream is presented. 184 more words


SirNinjalot - Twitch Channel Overlay

This one’s for a mascot of Sir_Ninjalot’s Twitch channel.

The concept was to have a ninja cartoon with a dorky-looking donkey. It will be used in most of channel activities and stuff. 36 more words


BunkfishTV - Twitch Channel Branding

Last July, I did some channel branding for a gamer couple – Sky and Binks.

Their idea is that they want to stay within the RPG theme with not much of bright colors. 68 more words


I have no idea what I am doing on Twitch at the moment and would gladly appreciate some walk throughs!

The last few weeks have been crazy, haven’t gotten a whole lot done, between having the kids here and when they aren’t here, I’ve been sick. 144 more words