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Sail0rVee - Featured Streamer

With the familiar sounds of throwback Final Fantasy, Sail0rVee’s stream hit my sweet spot and the all around fun got me hooked. Sail0rVee’s variety stream is well rounded and sure to keep you coming back for more. 350 more words


PAAStreaming - Featured Streamer 

Stream Teams are starting to become more popular, and with that, a schedule of programs to entertain us throughout the week are a welcome outcome. With Minecraft Tuesdays, Rocket League Wednesdays and Fight Night Fridays – PAAStreaming is sure to impress. 584 more words


Features - What You Need to Know

Features, spotlights, shout outs, and nominations.. What does it all mean? And what are all these #hashtags being thrown around for? Let’s talk about it all! 664 more words


NerdNerfer - Small Stream Spotlight

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Viewers and streamers alike! I introduce you to NerdNerfer and his Nerddom Kingdom. Nerdy and his family stream team host a variety stream over in the Nerddom. 221 more words


Why Nominate?

So what’s the big deal about nominations? Why should you nominate a streamer to be featured on Games Gome Live? Well, why not?

Showing support for your favorite streamers is what keeps them going. 168 more words


Crucian24 - Featured Nomination

A little looney and certainly eccentric, Crucian24’s stream is a riot. Mature audiences will appreciate his no-bull attitude and rage enthused approach to gaming. Just as animated as his well branded avatar, Crucian24 will remind you what candor means. 342 more words


Huge Thank You's!

Isabastion & Lat3 <3
Thank you so much for your donations, streaming last night was an incredible experience and both of you contributed to that. 87 more words