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Huge Thank You's!

Isabastion & Lat3 <3
Thank you so much for your donations, streaming last night was an incredible experience and both of you contributed to that. 87 more words


Building a shed - Blog

Currently¬†we’re streaming from our bedroom, a space that can fit a double bed, a desk and not much else. So things are pretty cramped here. 176 more words


March: Streaming Maddness

YES. It’s been too long! There’s a few awesome things to go over today, exciting developments and many things to show! First up is the Channel Trailer. 982 more words



First and foremost, welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read this blog page. A little about this blog, I’m a twitch streamer and I’m here to blog about my experience and to help other small streamers in anyway I can to get themselves more well known. 60 more words


News! Updates and More!

This past weekend I’ve been working on projects to help out with my streams and YouTube channel! I had my brother contact me asking about what kinds of things I wanted for my channel, how I could get more viewers, make a channel people WANT to always watch when I go on. 427 more words


Replicator_: The Biggest Twat on Twitch

So this guy going by the handle Replicator_ gave me something to write about. I entered his TwitchTV channel to watch some Elite: Dangerous gameplay. Sure, his advertised excitement for the night was going to be sucking minerals from rocks, which wasn’t exactly my thing, but hey, at least rocks don’t fight back, and this guy looks to have the reflexes of a murdered sloth. 390 more words

YouTube: A Plea For Better Playback Options

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

On this blog, I have typically discussed the design of videos games and game features. Today, I am going to be discussing something a little different. 1,253 more words