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I've Been Art Streaming

In case you are wondering, I’ve been into art streaming (live streaming an artwork) lately as I juggle work related stuff.

How does live streaming work? 321 more words


Twitch Tv Summer Event

On August 1st we planned an amazing summer time family event for the employees of Twitch Tv, a live streaming video platform located at The Yard at Mission Rock in San Francisco… 129 more words

Ruminating Over Rinse and Repeat

I’m not sure how I feel, so these are just ramblings.

Rinse and Repeat, a shower simulator game by Robert Yang, was recently banned by Twitch for violating its rules of conduct, specifically where the game can’t focus around sexually explicit activity or nudity. 410 more words


My first experience streaming on twitch..... it was amazing

Who among you enjoy playing video games? How about watching other people play video games? If you enjoy both then  you might be familiar with streaming sites like Youtube gaming and Twitch tv. 426 more words

New Streamer

Jimmy Kimmel exposes ugly side of gaming

Recently Jimmy Kimmel caused quite a stir by making a joke about how pointless he thought it was to watch people play video games. As is the custom of our current social media activist culture there was immediate response ranging from the thoughtful to the horrific and embarrassing. 1,047 more words

Video Games

Diablo III: Witch Doctor Gets Some Love...

Greetings, ladies and gentleman!

Last week, Season 3 of Diablo III ended, a new patch was released bringing forth a host of new changes and additions, and Season 4 began just before the weekend hit. 1,335 more words


July 17, 3301 Somewhere in the Phiagre System. (The night my combat skills were tested)

I think my transmissions are being intercepted; in every system I dropped off at today, I was stopped by Pirates. I’m not saying I have anything against them, I have met some real nice ones out there in the cosmos. 301 more words