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Ultra Live In Your House

Folks, its time, its time for everyone to raise their EDM Hearts to the sky. The great dance party that is Ultra Miami has begun. Kids, not in their Rave Attire or with any Kandi on, are waiting in line to get inside the Ultra grounds! 138 more words

It's LIVE!

If you missed last night’s session, you can catch up now! Be sure to subscribe to the channel for future sessions! If you like what you see and want to be a better game master or player, be sure to support me on patreon! 7 more words


Get ready!

Tonight is our second session on our twitch channel. Our first session let my players get used to lives as level 0 commoners. Some university students, all shared one thing in common, they worked at a local pub. 92 more words


PAX South: Twitch Town Hall ­Summary

This past weekend was the first PAX South. Arriving in San Antonio, one immediately notices that this is certainly Texas with people wearing big hats and strangers saying hello to you. 806 more words



#CTRLFRKSTAKEOVER has begin!… 2015

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#YouTube & #Twitch requires a high standard of content creation so will #CTRLFRKS meet that challenge!….Find out soon… 8 more words


CapcomFighters stream hosted on our main channel

Finals are on and we are hosting the channel.  Join us in our chat room so your comments won’t just blow by on the main chat!

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Teaching with Twitch (Or: How to Livestream Your Lectures Without University Support)

Last week I livestreamed both of my university lectures. I conducted the lectures from home while students watched (and followed along live) from campus or their own homes. 1,121 more words