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Twitch Con 2018| Learning from 2017.

Twitch Con’s Location

Congratulations, you decided to attend one of the most biggest social media events in gaming today. Twitch Con first started back in 2015 literally behind a Whole Foods Market. 1,307 more words

Why I Stand With Twitch Streamer "Ninja" Not Playing Games With Female Gamers

SOURCE: https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/11/17675738/ninja-twitch-female-gamers

Couple of thinks.

Hi everyone! So I am working a new show, also tonight we doing podcast at 8:00 pm eastern time with Matthew i bishop. Check out. Please like us on… 34 more words

4th anniversary!

Tomorrow 3.5 Geeks turns 4! Lets make are 4th year a blast! Check out are twitch channel tonight where i play kingdom come on the ps4! 6 more words

Are 4th anniversary!

Hey everyone! Happy anniversary to 3.5 Geeks! We be live streaming on 17th Tuesdays at 8:00 pm eastern time to celebrate are 4th year! Come join us for great geeky time!

Twitch Stream Changes - Part I

So I said before that I’d go more in depth into the changes to the live stream. Most of the changes are already in place, with just some minor aspects still needing work (Twitch Alerts, Loyalty Store, and Stream Stability). 325 more words

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