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If you're going to protest, keep it civil and peaceful. Otherwise you're the #idiots. #presidentialcampaign

— Abbey Stoddard (@abstod) May 28, 2016


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Pose a conundrum! #conundrum

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May 28, 2016 at 09:18AM via Twitter http://twitter.com/pose_conundrums


The best tweets come first - Simply not the best!

Now that was a little sneaky as Twitter rolled in a little “helpful” new feature that shows the ‘best‘ tweets first in your timeline. 366 more words


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Wanna sleep? https://t.co/JqxPZiIRDa — a really great read! Been using ECC in SSLVPN for a while, just wasn't up to speed. #ecc #crypto

— jonathan (@mypridewar) …

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Twitter: mypridewar:

TACACS+ in ISE 2.0. It's awesome. It's simple. Get it. #cisco #ise #nac #trustsec #security #aaa

— jonathan (@mypridewar) May 27, 2016

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