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How to setup bootstrap reactjs

Create a new react app

create-react-app setup-bootstrap
cd setup-bootstrap

Install bootstrap

npm install --save bootstrap

Use it

<button type="button" class="btn btn-primary">Primary</button></code>

npm start

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Twitter Bootstrap

Usefulness of bootstrap Jumbotron

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Twitter Bootstrap

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How to add a flash message to your Rails Twitter Bootstrap application

To get these nice Twitter Bootstrap alerts to show up in your Rails application

Emit them from your Rails app like this.


 class SomeController < ApplicationController

  before_action :last_page

  def what_is_automated_testing
    flash[:success] = 'Success'
    flash[:info] = 'Info'
    flash[:warning] = 'Warning'
    flash[:danger] = 'Danger'
    render layout: "static_page_with_sidebar"
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