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Final Project Mockup: Notify Hawai'i

When I registered for this class at the beginning of the semester, I expected two things: 1) that this course would require a lot of hard work and 2) that we would most likely be building a fully functional web application by the end of the semester. 485 more words

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Run AngularJS, Bootstrap and Angular UI bootstrap documentation locally

It is always better to run the documentation of library locally as you won’t be dependent on internet for any documentation help. Also, navigation is fast due to local hosting. 226 more words


Twitter Bootstrap for responsive, mobile first web apps

This blog is no longer updated. Please refer to my new account: http://sanderrossel.com

Welcome back! As you may know I’ve just finished my series on starting web development and it was a huge success! 3,668 more words


Application Design: MVC and Play

Model view controller (or MVC) is a popular and useful software design pattern aimed to help developers separate the internal representation of data from its presentation. 807 more words

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Web Application Frameworks

This week we began working with the Play web application framework. Frameworks aim to alleviate overhead associated with web application development by providing libraries for common tasks such as database access and user authorization and authentication.  519 more words

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Where Web development should go

Over the last 10 or so years, the internet has exploded in popularity. At the time of writing this article, approximately just over 3 billion people have been introduced to the internet. 839 more words


Angular Sortable Dynamic Collection

Here’s an example of a sortable (ui-sortable) on a dynamic collection that I’ve worked out. I’ve wrapped this in a custom directive for a collection of widgets that can be re-ordered. 396 more words