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Home Depot's Accidental Tweet Causes Controversy

by Delysia Eminian

It’s not news that many companies “accidentally” tweet out stupid and offensive things. But, Home Depot took it to a new level in 2013 when they tweeted the photo shown in this blog post. 729 more words

Case Studies

by Betsy Noll

Anytime you ask your audience for them to speak up about you, understand that the loudest voices are the ones yelling about your faults. 850 more words

Social Fail

US diplomat in Moscow provides laughs with an epic Twitter fail

On Friday, Will Stevens, a spokesperson for the US embassy in Moscow, tried to be funny on Twitter. To say it didn’t end well, would be quite the understatement. 740 more words


Beleaguered Blackberry gets caught tweeting from an Apple iPhone

”Oh, BlackBerry. We can understand when your celebrity creative director accidentally tweets from a competitor’s smartphone — or is the victim of a ‘hack,'” Chris Welch reports for The Verge. 216 more words


‘Boon and bane’ of social media – Why companies should not take posts too lightly

Social media has become an essential tool in nowadays marketing. It should therefore be given more thought. This article reveals how inconsiderate posts can even bring prestigious, large multinational companies into awkward situations. 821 more words


2014: The year of the #Twitterfail. 25 Twitter gaffes in 12 months.

Twitter is a notoriously unforgiving landscape for mistakes, errors of judgement, or downright stupidity – those 140 character or less faux pas we’ve come to know as the #TwitterFail. 2,408 more words

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History Channel shows the Carter years were worse than you remember

Ok, pretty much everyone knows that the worst place on television for information about history is The History Channel. This tweet should confirm it for anyone who was still on the fence. 179 more words