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Ultimate Resources for Twitter Marketing

I’ve worked on numerous twitter accounts, creating them from 0 to 20,000 followers.

And while trying to find the best way to move forward with my own marketing efforts on personal Twitter account, I realized that I have already gathered a list of powerful twitter resources. 826 more words


Top 10 Tips for using Twitter to market your Irish SME

Why should a business bother with Twitter?

With Twitter currently having 284 million active users and 500 million Tweets sent per day, it is definitely an effective channel for communication and marketing. 893 more words


How to score a regular blog gig

There are some things that are just kismet. Soon-to-be-published writer meets commissioning editor at exactly the right time. Pitches the perfect blog storm and suddenly you’re queen of the blogosphere with a regular gig on a major website. 274 more words

Digital Marketing For Authors

Content marketing - an editor's view

I’ve had the great fortune to be editor of three popular websites over the last seven years. The websites have all been aimed at women in the main, but as we all know – women don’t just want to read about one thing. 463 more words

Digital Marketing For Authors

A twitter guide for writers (part 2)

So you have a blog. You’ve not only joined twitter (see part one of my guide on how to hate Twitter a little less) how to¬† you’ve linked your blog and you’ve already followed a mixture of brilliant first time authors/established writers/publishing professionals and…Stephen Fry. 497 more words

Digital Marketing For Authors