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8 Twitter Limits Every Business Owner Needs to Know About

Has Twitter stopped you from following more than 2,000 people? Or have you been sent to “Twitter Jail” for tweeting too much?

Twitter puts certain limits in place to combat spam so it’s important you know what those limits are to avoid getting in trouble. 58 more words


6 Ways to Improve your Twitter Profile

It is important to complete your profile to increase your visibility. Use all the Twitter tools at your disposal. Follow these 6 easy steps to become a pro. 594 more words


A Beginners Guide to Twitter for Business

Are you just getting started with Twitter? Need some help finding your way around and understanding the terminology?

Like with anything you haven’t used before Twitter can be daunting – more so if you are new to social media as a whole. 40 more words


Meerkat v Periscope: How to Add Live Streaming to Your Twitter Strategy

Have you heard of Meerkat or Periscope? Did you know you can now add live streaming to your Twitter marketing strategy?

Meerkat and Periscope are rival apps that allow you to live stream video from your smartphone to your Twitter followers. 36 more words


How Often You Should Tweet for a Superstar Twitter Presence

How often do you post on Twitter? Do you know the ideal posting frequency for a presence that gets you noticed?

Twitter is a fast moving social platform so generally speaking the more you tweet the better. 38 more words


Twitter Analytics: How to Measure the Success of Your Strategy

Are you looking for ways to define and measure your Twitter marketing strategy? Want some handy tools that can tell you if you’re wasting your time? 72 more words


How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Brand on Twitter

#Hashtags – I get it, they can be annoying. Or confusing.

However, using hashtags and learning how to use them effectively is important for building your brand, growing your targeted followers, and increasing the reach and lifespan of your tweets. 58 more words

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