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A Friendly Reminder on Self-Care

This week, I’m on vacation in the lovely state of Washington. Today, I went to the beach and I didn’t look up anything. I just took pictures and stuck my feet in the water for a while. 223 more words

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The Face of Blackness

A friend and I were talking about recent events and I started talking about how other of my friends were worried about me; a friend had texted from Atlanta and another from California wrote a text to ask me to be safe and so on. 566 more words

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A Treatise On Boredom: Part I


That’s what this week has left me with. Exhaustion of mind, of body, of heart. I can’t with the states and the people in it right now. 817 more words

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Tragedy In Free Verse

I’m trying to coax this one tear out of the corner of the room and get him to be a bit more social. I woke up to a day that should have had a trigger warning. 803 more words

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About a month ago, I was reading some tweets from Sky Williams and replied to a few. In the midst of this, I got some replies from others of his followers. 451 more words

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The Easy Connection

A couple of days ago, I was talking to Daniel about things related to people and more specifically about connection. This led to us scrolling through his twitter account (which he said he needs to use more) and finding this: 279 more words

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Tech Companies Pushing for Political Influence On All Fronts

To see how much more central tech has become to our lives in just eight years, look no further than this year’s presidential campaign. Facebook, Google, and Twitter have increasingly prominent presences at the debates, help voters connect with candidates, and are strategizing behind the scenes to influence both campaigns and the reporters that cover them, David McCabe… 337 more words