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Issue importing references from Wordpress to Endnote using Academic Blogger's Toolkit.

I love Academic Blogger’s Toolkit (ABT). It allows me to add references to my WordPress research and reflection blog (which isn’t this one and I don’t have a link to it as it’s for my eyes only—sorry).  195 more words

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This Election In Free Verse: Part II

It’s been about two weeks now since Trump became the President Elect and every day that passes proves my grieving more correct than even I wanted to be. 678 more words

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This Election In Free Verse

The grief hit me on the way home on election day and I couldn’t help thinking about how, no matter how things went, everyone was going to hurt. 976 more words

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Let's Be Honest: Part I

Another week where my pen refuses to move so we’re here again. However, this is a special note related to social media because mental and emotional health are important as is the much-avoided subject of honesty. 223 more words

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A Treatise On Boredom: Part II

My pen won’t move.

I wanted to write about things I’m learning at work, things I’m seeing at home, the recently renewed desire I have to further my skills in UI design, literally anything else. 581 more words

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A Friendly Reminder on Self-Care

This week, I’m on vacation in the lovely state of Washington. Today, I went to the beach and I didn’t look up anything. I just took pictures and stuck my feet in the water for a while. 223 more words

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