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Twitter ~ Connecting Facebook to Twitter

This post explains how to connect your twitter account to facebook, or to be technically correct, how to connect your facebook account to twitter!

Either way it doesn’t matter, because you can still post to twitter from your facebook fanpage… 194 more words


Using Extremist Politics to Make Money on Twitter

I was searching for “Sessions” and “Russia” on twitter and found a series a similar posts published within minutes of one another as you can see below from the time stamps. 166 more words

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Worst Ad Performances of SuperBowl 51

I tweeted the Superbowl commercials for my social media classes #SMM4RU and for Wharton Future of Advertising #WhartonFOA. I am glad that I did, as I might not have stayed for the fourth quarter heroics otherwise! 335 more words

Mark Schaefer

Is This Twitter Account Fake? Here Are The Features You Should Be Looking For!

As I was reading through the tweets with a #trident hashtag I found a succession of tweets from different accounts that were identical and posted within seconds of one another. 262 more words

Issue importing references from Wordpress to Endnote using Academic Blogger's Toolkit.

I love Academic Blogger’s Toolkit (ABT). It allows me to add references to my WordPress research and reflection blog (which isn’t this one and I don’t have a link to it as it’s for my eyes only—sorry).  195 more words

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This Election In Free Verse: Part II

It’s been about two weeks now since Trump became the President Elect and every day that passes proves my grieving more correct than even I wanted to be. 678 more words

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