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I thought I had loads of time to plan my chatty week as the curator of the @PeopleofLimk Twitter account for mid June. It turned out though that there was a last minute drop on on a Saturday night in May. 763 more words

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N°16. Daily Advice : Customer Service #Twitter : Activate Direct Messages

One of the recent updates to Twitter includes the ability to receive “Direct Message” from any Twitter user. Previously users were forced to follow each other to send a direct message, brands had to follow all their fans so they could use the Direct Message for their Customer Service. 49 more words

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N°13. Daily Advice : #Twitter Retweet with a comment

Today we wanted to talk about a new way to retweet, launched by twitter few weeks ago and what it changes for us, Social Media Managers. 242 more words

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N°12. Daily Advice : #Twitter Upload properly sized photos and infographics

We have already written an article about the importance of using visuals in your tweets and posts, to boost engagement.

The ideal image size for uploaded images on Twitter is… 65 more words

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N°10. Daily Advice : #Twitter Account creation. How to complete your profile ?

Congratulations, you have got yourself a twitter account, now it is time to complete your profile to be efficient & visible.
Here is how to, in few steps, 223 more words

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N°9. Daily Advice : #Twitter Send Better Tweet

You are just starting on Twitter and are about to send your first tweets, here are a couple advices for a good start.

How to compose a tweet : 171 more words

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N°8. Daily Advice : Tweet on the Weekends

The vast majority of brands do not tweet on the weekends which is why its much easier to stand out on the weekends. Using a tool like… 54 more words

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