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Methods To Market Your Mobile App Development

Stepping on in a mobile development business and after the process of creation and development you need to proceed to a very important and crucial step in the process and that is marketing, exposing your project to the world, to the original people were it belong and that’s the users. 397 more words

Mobile Computing

تحديث " يآنو على التويتر " بتآريخ | 150213]

المحتوى :

لقد انتهيت الان من التمآرين ، اشعر بانى متجدد

The New

Google And Twitter Reportedly Strike A Deal Again!

It seems like tweets have made their way back to Google search engine result again!! And this is going to happen really soon. Back in 2009 they both have signed a deal but it wasn’t renew in 2011 and since then Google lost the privileged of showing related tweets in its results. 219 more words

Social Media News

I was checking my phone and received a notification that I was signed out of my Twitter account. I tried logging into the site and this is what popped up. 32 more words

[TWITTER] 141124 Minyoung tweets a photo of her and Minzy together

이번주부터는 없을 잠깐의 여유..잠시라도 함께라서 행복했던 순간 

“Short relaxation starting this week..A happy moment even when it was short “

Source: Minzy’s sister’s Twitter
Translated by: KellyJane@EROMAKNAE

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[INSTAGRAM] 141109 Minzy shares an advice from her Epik High oppas + DJ Tukutz's reply

에픽하이오빠들 말대로,나쁜남자 만나면 안되요 여러분! 그러실 분들은 모두 에픽하이 콘서트 보러갑시다 ㅋㅋ#Epikhigh

“Like what Epik High Oppas said, you shouldn’t meet bad guys everyone! Those who will do that, then let’s go watch Epik High’s concert keke #EpikHigh” 29 more words

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[TWITTER] 141109 Epik High thanks Minzy for her 'Happen Ending' featurings + Minzy's reply

이번주 ‘헤픈엔딩’을 빛내준 공민지양에게 큰 박수를! 고마워!!!

— 타블로 | TABLO (@blobyblo) November 9, 2014

Tablo: “I want to give a round of applause to Gong Minzy who made ‘Happen Ending’ shine this week!

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