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Why is Liz Harrison's Twitter Account in Gulag?

Liz Harrison is one of those bloggers I look up to.  We have been acquainted for over a year and though we do not always see eye to eye we get along and respect each other. 159 more words


#FreeMindNumbedRobot, please help get @mnrobot out of #TwitterGulag

My favorite Robot-American, the indefatigable Mind Numbed Robot has fallen victim to a libtard Twitter attack. His @mnrobot account is suspended! Because he cannot toe the progbot line! 86 more words

#TWITTERGULAG Problems? Join #TGDN - Here's How!

Twitter Gulag Defense Network

Have you had a group of bullies intentionally get your account suspend on Twitter because they just didn’t like what you said – usually centered around politics – by ganging up on you and reporting your account as spam or offensive? 485 more words


I've been #twittergulaged!

Well, I should have known better; but I lost my temper with the latest smear against Catholics by the pro-abort crowd, and stumbled right into the trap. 403 more words


Guest Post: Twitter Spam Block Abuse Prevention

Guest Post by from ChrizDDv3 Conversations

Twitter is a place were free flowing speech is encouraged. There may be no other platform that has a better record in terms of encouraging free speech. 673 more words


More Conclusive Proof @Lizardoid Tied to #Twittergulag

The Round Mound of BeClowned has become fascinated, as of late, with the Twittergulag. He admits to regularly sweeping the hashtag for material for his blog and mocks conservatives for “suspecting him of being an evil genius in a plot to silence conservatives.” If any of you can infer from people’s musings, one might assume CJ revels in this status. 916 more words

Little Green Footballs

Day 1 of Incarceration


My name is James M Mooney and I inhabit this cell in the Twitter Gulag as inmate number 11392. If you are reading this, then I have either escaped or have been silenced forever. 376 more words