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Contemporary sociology: false news spreads faster than true news

A recent MIT study led by Sinan Aral, published in the journal Science in early March (2018) found that ‘false news’ spreads much more quickly than real news—and it seems to be humans, more than bots, who are responsible for the imbalance. 449 more words


Morning fellow bloggers. Ways to save money on flower seeds.

It is cold here in Ga. So much for spring. hahaha. I am still looking at the positive. I got my seeds planted for flowers before it got cold so they are underground. 147 more words

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I am so excited to share!


I have started really using my essential oils I began experimenting with a couple of years ago. I have made cream for sciatica, it works on any pain! 66 more words

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Love is not always Beautiful but it is a strong thread to survive. Social media can sometimes take us away from real love.

Love is sometimes challenging. Especially if we feel hurt, or cheated, or stepped on. It can hurt when we feel alone. Even at times when we are not alone. 116 more words

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When Life is just worried.

Life can be beautiful and it can worry you to the point of exhaustion, no sleep, hours of thinking of everything wrong. So, I am trying, in my case anyway, to focus on the right and not the worries. 34 more words

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Arrrgh! Well, still trying. Anxiety is a Monster.

I have had a good last couple of days. Today was a little rough and I just tired to stay occupied to keep the anxiety at bay. 96 more words

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Life on the Grid

I am enjoying the day, listening to the rain and just hoping all of you out there are having a good day. In a world of chaos, conflict , panic, anxiety and depression, it is nice to also find the joy, peace, good days, a song you just like to hear even if you have listened to it 100 times,lol and well, just have a good day! 17 more words

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