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Movie Night 50 Shades Of Grey

One of my best-friends and I went to see 50 Shades of Grey recently, first I was not going to see it but I had promised her a month earlier that we would see the movie together. 149 more words


'YOU MONSTER': Chris Hayes blames FLOTUS for lack of snacks backstage at MSNBC

We know that times are tough at the cable network, but is it true that MSNBC host Chris Hayes left guest Rembert Browne backstage without any snacks? 375 more words


empty wrapper

Today was an empty twix wrapper kind of day. Cold (because twix are best straight out of the freezer, duh) and empty. A little bit crumpled and a little bit ripped. 244 more words



Okay, its enough! I can’t take the nonsense anymore. It’s just pissing me off. That ‘Twix’ commercial. Right side Twix, vs left side Twix. Does anyone understand that if you turn the package over, the right side is now the left side? 158 more words

One GIANT Twix Tart

If you love a Twix chocolate bar, then you’re going to adore this recipe for a giant Twix tart!
A delicious biscuit base, coated in a generous layer of gooey caramel, and topped with a gloriously rich dark chocolate ganache, what’s not to love?! 747 more words


Valentine's Week: When a Twix Heart Isn't a Heart and Is Only Barely a Twix

Seasonal varieties of candy bars are nothing new: Take the same shit you were planning to throw in there anyway, pour it into a differently shaped mold, package it with a fun color … voila! 329 more words


The Top Ten Candy bars

We sure love our candy. We love it so much, we’ve dedicated two holidays towards the buying and selling of sweets. SEO firms are paid big bucks by Big Candy to grab those sweet spots in the Google search rankings, (i.e.: the Top 3 of Page 1). 281 more words