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An update for you...

This week at work was more, normal, shall we say?  It was still busy, very busy actually, but when compared to the two previous weeks, it was comparably slower so it was manageable.   705 more words


Caramel Chocolate Shortbread "Twix" Bars

These caramel chocolate shortbread “Twix” bars are spectacular! Oh my. These bars. So amazing. Sort of messy to eat and kind of time consuming, but the everything else absolutely makes up for it. 405 more words


Twix Shortbread Cookies

I decided to put together little cookie tins for some co-workers for Christmas. I figured I would do the traditional recipes: chocolate chip, peanut butter blossoms,  and mint crinkle cookies. 278 more words


Twix Holiday Cookies

It’s funny how the holiday season brings out the baker in all of us. Other than pies, I’m not really one for baking. Why? Because unlike cooking— baking is truly a science. 714 more words


The block planes of superheroes (viii) - the others

Of interest with steel block planes is the patent received by Edmund Schade in 1915 – No. 1, 164,615. This patent for a “stamped steel plane” was the basis of Stanley’s stamped steel planes, the S4, S5, and S18, produced from 1925/26 to 1942. 100 more words