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Did you know there used to be four kinds of Twix? I mean, I know there’s like seven kinds of Twix now, but I didn’t think we were that inventive with our candy bars in the 90s. 61 more words


Twix brownies

I cannot express how glad I am that I finally can post this recipe. It’s been in my food folder since January, when I first made it, but sadly I lost the photos – and I kept hoping I will find them somewhere hidden, cause what is a *food blog* without the *food photography *part? 169 more words


Talking Trash

Sunny pointed a dry finger at the panel on the wall, said, “Can you see these light switches?” and delicately flicked them on.
“Yes, I can see them,” I said as my tiny apartment suddenly illuminated. 1,421 more words



I like violets. They’re tiny, they’re pretty, and they’re essentially free. My front lawn is all over violets right now, and the only thing I had to pay to get it that way was, well, to buy my entire house and the lawn itself. 45 more words


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