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I Just Need a Twix

I’m at my breaking point today. I need hugs, tea, a Twix and a maybe an aul sly cry. A Lidl Twix would do, I’m not a complete wreck. 348 more words

Eat Chocolate Everyday

Studies have shown that babies come out of the womb craving sugar.  That is if their mothers had a sweet tooth during the pregnancy.  So mom I guess I can call you a hypocrite then telling me to stop eating all those sweets as a kid?   555 more words

VIDEO: Too-Tasty Twix Cookies

I have been really dedicated to brushing up on my premiere pro skills lately and so I decided to make another baking video.

I find this to be one of the most enjoyable ways to practice video editing. 47 more words


Twix Cake

I needed to bake for my works Macmillan coffee morning and I always like to try something different. My father always pops over my house to see my daughter every Saturday, and he always brings her a packet of sweets as a treat. 515 more words


Whole30, Days 15-19. I am SO over it.

Can I be honest with you guys?  I am sooo over this!  All I have had for the last week are dreams about McDonald’s, Imo’s pizza, chocolate, cupcakes…and then I wake up in a panic because I am so mad at myself for cheating! 524 more words


Mars Bites, Twix Bites & Snickers Bites

WITH CADBURY leading the way in turning their Chocolate Bars into bite size sharing packs that are usually half filled despite their hopeful addition of being able to reseal the bag for later use, Mars have now caught up by doing the same with three of their most popular products. 598 more words

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