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Those nagging comments....


So, I know I said in my first post that I would be doing this from the start of my travels… A rookie error, they were incredibly un-wise words. 717 more words


Double trouble - Caramel chocolate shortbread and pretzels

I have to confess, the idea for this cookie didn’t come from, as many similar others do, homemade twix. There’s no denying that homemade twix is scrumptious, as is regular factory made twix. 914 more words


Losing a Cat and other Tales of Weaverville

I left San Francisco at 11:30ish so that I could 1) miss the street cleaners and 2) drive only during the day time. I was about to be driving for about 5 hours and I wanted to get there at a good time. 837 more words


PB, Cups, And PB Cups


Wednesday’s adventure was all about the Peanut Butter! It’s been too many days, four to be exact. I never like to go that long, but sometimes it happens. 662 more words

Chocolate Sunrise Cake

When I’m making a cake, I like to have about three components to it. Usually I start out with a base flavor, let’s say chocolate, and then I add in whatever I’m craving at the time. 188 more words

Vero Beach

the hope monster

I’ve been learning how to hope lately. It’s part of our DNA; hope, I mean. It’s what we do. We trust, we dream for a something new to come. 488 more words