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Gremlins 3-d Cake

Opps – someone got Gizmo wet I see. What an awesome 3D cake featuring Gizmo, reels of film, popcorn and lots of candy from the epic theater portion of the Gremlin movie.


the reason for the season ain’t jesus, it's tim allen

Let’s lie to our kids. The only lesson I’ve learned from the Christmas season is exactly that. Let’s lie to our kids. Now this isn’t a little fib either like… 460 more words


Fav Halloween Candy By State

I gotta be honest, I’m SHOCKED by some of these results. I didn’t even know some of these were still made let alone it being an entire state’s fav candy lol. 170 more words


We've created a page for each pig

We know everyone has their favorites. Now you can get to know each piglet on their own pages.


Kunekune piglets are developing their personalities (or should that be, pigletnalities?)

At just about two weeks old, the Kunekune piglets are running around, playing, learning socialization behaviors, beginning to nibble on straw, and growing so fast that you can almost see it every time they nap. 47 more words