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A Backup Plan for Clef Users

Clef has been a foundational security service for the WordPress community and we are sad to see it go. However, we are pleased to announce that we are working directly with the Clef team to help you. 168 more words


I just 'WannaCry' at SMS Two-Factor Auth

Of course, the big security and tech news last weekend was the WannaCry ransomware cyber attack that hit multiple countries and infected thousands of PCs. For those uninitiated with the idea of ransomware, it is a form of malware that encrypts personal files on your PC and then demands payment – or ransom – in order for your files to be decrypted and recoverable. 311 more words

Two Factor Authorization

I thought that today I would write a post about protecting our online data. Many online providers have adopted a security protocol called “Two Factor Authorization”. 238 more words


Set up SMS for Two-factor authentication with Twilio

Adding two-factor authentication (2FA) to your web application increases the security of your user’s data. Multi-factor authentication determines the identity of a user in two steps: 397 more words


TechCrunch: Ambient noise could be your next multi-factor authentication token

TechCrunch: Ambient noise could be your next multi-factor authentication token. “We’re all pretty used to two-factor authentication now, and it isn’t much of an inconvenience to have to type in a four-digit code when you log in from a new location. 22 more words

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Instagram Adds Two-Factor

WIRED: Instagram Has Two-Factor Authentication Now, So Turn It On. “While Instagram had made two-factor available to a select group of users previously, the extra layer of protection is now available to all, meaning you, meaning it’s time to fiddle with some settings.”

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