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What's in an Inbox and why you should protect yours

Your email inbox – It’s something we take for granted. To the average person there’s probably nothing of any real value. If someone was to read my emails, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. 871 more words


Your Pokémon Account Has Been Hacked

Last night I received the following email.

Having not been to the Pokémon site in many months, since about the time Pokémon Go came out, I found this odd. 880 more words


WhatsApp Gets Two-Factor

The latest Web service to get two-factor is WhatsApp. “WhatsApp users are beginning to see an option for two-factor authentication their account settings folder. According to Android Police, the feature is live in the most recent betas of the app (2.16.341 and above), and has also been spotted in the Windows Phone beta. 23 more words

Tweaks & Updates

PayPal Patches Ridiculous Security Hole

Naked Security has a would-be-funny-if-it-weren’t-so-awful story about a recently patched PayPal security bug. “In a delightfully short and sweet technical article, UK security researcher Henry Hoggard recently reported on a PayPal authentication bug he found. 51 more words

Security & Legal Issues

Lock Up Your Raspberry Pi with Google Authenticator

Raspberry Pi boards (or any of the many similar boards) are handy to leave at odd places to talk to the network and collect data, control things, or do whatever other tasks you need a tiny fanless computer to do. 1,077 more words

Raspberry Pi

Taking a U2F Hardware Key from Design to Production

Building a circuit from prototyping to printed circuit board assembly is within the reach of pretty much anyone with the will to get the job done. 332 more words


Medium email login is not simple nor secure

I wanted to use Medium for blogging, I really did. However they failed to deliver on 2 fronts

1. They claim to support Firefox 19+, however had to found out the hard way Iceweasel is not included (FAQ reflects this now) 253 more words