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Given me loan and leave me alone

A bank which gives you loan and leaves you alone

I am looking for a bank, which can do two favors to me…

Give me a loan and leave me alone…

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1) Uncle loves me so much. Sometimes, it’s painful.

2) “You’re as comforting as a cigarette.” “But I’m burning.”

3)Pregnancy Test: Positive.
Sonography Report: Normal. 403 more words

Short Stories

no more anodynes

i thought i was madly in love with you;
i was mad for thinking i loved you.

In the end, we never really understood each other. 8 more words


रूठे हुए थे जो ख्वाब

रूठे हुए थे जो ख्वाब कल तक, आज फिर से जगा रहे,
छोड़ गए थे जो लम्हें साथ, आज वापिस बुला रहे…….

Ruthe huye the jo khwab kal tak, aaj phir se jga rhe, 31 more words

मेरी कविता

है इसका क्यूँ कहीं कोई जिक्र नहीं..

करो तुम लाख अब नफरत हमसे, हमें इसकी है कोई फिक्र नहीं.
पर निभाया हो तुमने किसी से मुहब्बत, है इसका क्यूँ कहीं कोई जिक्र नहीं..

मेरी कविता

and let the waves escort you back to sea

i bury my heart out in the sands;

today is the day where summer ends.



couldn’t escape from you if i tried to flee.

i don’t even like myself; but you liked me.