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Two sentence horror story

My lines on the Two Sentence Horror Story Challenge posed by amirhoseinghazi.wordpress.com

Running scared from them, I fell in a ditch, the darkness engulfing me in cold comfort. 26 more words

Two-sentence story

Here are my lines on the Two-Sentence Story Challenge blogged on cswilde.wordpress.com

Stories of our life. Entwined, entangled, bedraggled like you and I.


‘i’ makes ‘mind’ a word 
The ‘I’ makes ‘mind’ the world!

A Soliloquist's Monologues

reverie #1

you do your thoughtful best to not show enthusiasm;
i try in earnest words to not be disheartened.


hey now

clarity comes in the quiet of day but i insist to write to chillstep at night
somehow i always find a way to lose before i even begin to fight.



i know not how many years i will have to serve you;
but i pledge to use these two ears you’ve given to hear you.



Neither branches gave it shelter,
nor winds gave it relief
Other than being a vagabond,
what else that leaf could have done!