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for my brothers and sisters - Kailey Arthurson, Guest Blogger

I feel as if the Earth shakes
Every time that I hear
A young life is all that it takes
For our bodies to be at fear… 969 more words

Social Issues

Praying to Queer Ancestors

I first realized that indigenous cultures had names and a place for their gender and sexual non-conforming persons when I came across the book Gay Soul… 677 more words

Two Spirit Two Spirit - Jean O. Haute (REVIEW)

Two Spirit Two Spirit is a short work of poetry written by Jean O. Hauté, a writer who has kept much of his persona under the radar in regards to this book.   459 more words


Ancient Gender: North America

North America

Gender and Sexuality in Aboriginal America

Will Roscoe, a San Francisco-based activist and author, states in his book Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America… 1,508 more words

Appalachia: A Way of Depth

Ancient Mountains

Appalachia is a place, at least in the parts I inhabit, where an old way of life still lingers on the edges of a blazing modern machine. 647 more words

Third Gender - Mahabharata to Nommo, fluidity in Myth & Legend

Two Spirit People

As traditions go, the emancipation of gender has proven to be as kindred to the First People’s heart as to the rains, whose nourishing sigma made fertile desert to prairie – and wild as the winds that carried them – a liberal ethos in an era mired by austere principles.   257 more words

Two-Spirit: Gender Identity in America, Before America

This article was originally written for and published on the Patheos blog Removing the Fig Leaf.


I’ve heard many people claim that sexual orientation and gender identity are new and radical ideas invented by god-hating progressives, but that’s simply not true. 998 more words