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Love with a Two Spirit

Love with a Two Spirit

Her love make me feel like the Earth… and her love makes me feel crazy all at once.

I have found myself feeling the highest high and the lowest low with her and then she comes back and I realize we are standing in the ebb and flow of high tide and low tide… And I think one of these days I will no longer freak out when she leaves and will spread my legs in joyous anticipation when she returns to my naked land to again feel her naked waters running over me again in Heavenly Perceptions.. 1,450 more words

Native Spirituality

No Wave Feminist — tea&bannock

An interview with Gitxsan Two-Spirit Burlesque performer Vanity Feral by Jessica Wood in honour of this year’s LGBTQ Pride season.

via No Wave Feminist — tea&bannock


Magical Blessings ~life in love with a Cheyenne Two Spirit

Love holds me tight and calls me to surrender

In her arms I am surrounded

by worlds that I cannot yet conceive exist

yet still she holds me safe… 26 more words

Native Spirituality

Twin Flames ~forced to the next level of growth

Love dances and pulls me close

Love dances and pushes me apart

And forces me into our next level of growth

But when she does that thing… 1,137 more words

A Rainbow Twin Flame Journey

New Release Spotlight: Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time (An LGBT and Two-Spirit Sci-Fi Anthology)

As soon as this anthology was brought to my attention (h/t Lex Leone!) I reached out to the editor, Hope Nicholson, and asked if the authors would be open to contributing a little information about their stories. 1,466 more words


Two-Spirit, Queer, Trans, Intersex, and Bi POC Pride March in Vancouver

The annual Two-Spirit, Queer, Trans, Intersex, and Bisexual People of Colour Pride March took place in Vancouver this Monday, August 1st. The event organized by… 1,612 more words