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Another special post: a recommendation and a plea - On Gender Variability

After trying to call your attention, two days ago, to an article in The New York Times about politics and human rights in my native country -Catalonia-, I feel now the urge to publish this short note about… 238 more words

For Ari's Sake

Variations on the Gender Binary: An Exploration of a Social Construct

In the dominant western worldview, gender is conceptualized as a binary construct which places individuals into gender categories based on biological sex. In this social context, there are typical characteristics that each gender is expected to express: men being dominant, strong, aggressive, and logical, and women being nurturing, passive, emotional, and intuitive. 1,561 more words

Colonial Imposition of the Gender Binary

As explained, heteronormativity and the strict male/female binary are tied to broader institutionalized and social discourses. These work hand-in-hand with the rendering of certain bodies as abject/ other while also defining what is ‘normal’ (Yarbro-Bejarano, 1990). 473 more words

Case Study

Making the transition to see who people are on the inside ~Two Spirit Twin Flame journey

In my Twin Flame journey I believe I have arrived at the place where I have undergone the transition so I can see who people are on the inside. 568 more words

Native Spirituality

Love with a Two Spirit

Love with a Two Spirit

Her love make me feel like the Earth… and her love makes me feel crazy all at once.

I have found myself feeling the highest high and the lowest low with her and then she comes back and I realize we are standing in the ebb and flow of high tide and low tide… And I think one of these days I will no longer freak out when she leaves and will spread my legs in joyous anticipation when she returns to my naked land to again feel her naked waters running over me again in Heavenly Perceptions.. 1,450 more words

Native Spirituality

No Wave Feminist — tea&bannock

An interview with Gitxsan Two-Spirit Burlesque performer Vanity Feral by Jessica Wood in honour of this year’s LGBTQ Pride season.

via No Wave Feminist — tea&bannock