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"The Work Is Resistance"

A conversation about Standing Rock, solidarity, and faith with GLIDE Seminary Intern Todd Whitley

How has Standing Rock figured in your time here at GLIDE?
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We Are They, Episode 3: Asiskiy Kisik

Greeting friends,

Our names are Ruth and Luke. We are the parents of two amazing little people (Ruth is Mohawk and Luke is a non-Indigenous person that parents two Indigenous children). 3,330 more words

In the Womb of Creation, a Rainbow Twin Spirit Love song

Here is a love song I wrote.. to her.. to him.. to them..   to my Two Spirit Love recently… (not only is she my Two Spirit Love, she is also my Twin Spirit. 175 more words

Native Spirituality

Another special post: a recommendation and a plea - On Gender Variability

After trying to call your attention, two days ago, to an article in The New York Times about politics and human rights in my native country -Catalonia-, I feel now the urge to publish this short note about… 238 more words

For Ari's Sake

Variations on the Gender Binary: An Exploration of a Social Construct

In the dominant western worldview, gender is conceptualized as a binary construct which places individuals into gender categories based on biological sex. In this social context, there are typical characteristics that each gender is expected to express: men being dominant, strong, aggressive, and logical, and women being nurturing, passive, emotional, and intuitive. 1,561 more words

Colonial Imposition of the Gender Binary

As explained, heteronormativity and the strict male/female binary are tied to broader institutionalized and social discourses. These work hand-in-hand with the rendering of certain bodies as abject/ other while also defining what is ‘normal’ (Yarbro-Bejarano, 1990). 473 more words

Case Study