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Trans Day of Visibility

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted any updates on my prison life and the way I see things.  I have been extremely busy with classes, my work detail, & adjusting to and watching the affects T will have on me.  

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Two Spirits, One Person: My Insanity Explained

I am one person with two spirits. I’ve decided that I do care to be understood by my friends. I’m not a psychologist or anything, so I don’t know if I can convey this right. 1,607 more words


Brief Hiatus

Hello friends!

Sorry for not uploading new content recently; our center has been busy working on an exciting week of events for our Spring Symposium, which will be centered around Native and Indigenous Cultures. 71 more words


Eighth Chakra ~a Kundalini Twin Flame Journey

.  .  ,

(((((( Here is my 8th Chakra Kundalini / Twin Flame picture I drew from our merging. ))))))

The passage through the 8th Chakra was quite difficult  as I was taken to a whole new world and a whole new way of perceiving love.   731 more words

Native Spirituality

In this long Winters sleep

In this long Winters sleep

I have traveled along unfamiliar highways

finding new truths

and new ways of seeing.

I began by drawing pictures

of you as a man… 70 more words

Native Spirituality

the New World ~lessons within a Two Spirit journey

Sometimes life puts us on unexpected new and wondrous paths..  I know nothing of this world.. hardly, but what my Twin Flame shares with me in her unfolding…  I would not go out looking for a woman to love, but my Twin Flame, she feels so soft and lovely and looks so beautiful in her revealing. 201 more words

Native Spirituality

A fuller translation of nations, cultures in the Church

There is no reconciliation until Lakota Christians stand up, after prayer and wrestling with their angels, and start to share their own peculiar witness as Christians who come from specific cultural, political and family histories and understandings. 770 more words