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"Skirting the Issue": a response & call to action

I submitted a shorter version of this op-ed to the Winnipeg Free Press on June 17, 2015, in response to Professor Joanne Boucher’s opinion piece entitled “Dress-code message at U of W sexist”. 1,129 more words

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Love Wins

I never thought this day would come, but I now can finally walk down the aisle, given of SCOTUS’s recent decision to make same-sex marriage legal in the United States. 107 more words


"Trans" is not a Fetish #allshallbeequal

TW: abuse, suicide

**This post is slightly different on FB because I choose to address a second issue here…trans advocacy. I got a message yesterday from someone who seemed annoyed by my celebratory posts on Facebook. 883 more words


Introducing Duane!

Introducing our newest collaborator and team member – Duane :)

Duane R Stewart-Grant is Haisla from Kitamaat Village and Nuu-Chah-nuthl from Port Alberni. His Haisla name is c’ee’hixid and he is from the Raven clan. 217 more words


Two Spirit Love

I’m suffering from some mixed feelings today.

1- Frustration- Someone sent me a link to a ridiculous “medical article” claiming that there is such a huge increase in the transgender population because of “genetic mutations due to chemicals ..blah blah blah….”    I feel this person’s intentions were good, as many people look to science to explain things they don’t understand. 1,149 more words

Human Rights

Can white people use the term "Two Spirit"?

Q: I’m a white gender non-conforming person and I feel like the term two spirit is the best to describe myself. A friend said that using the term was cultural appropriation but it is the best word to describe my gender and spirituality and I use it with utmost respect for indigenous and first nations people. 947 more words


A Review of Daniel Heath Justice’s Wyrwood, Book 2 in This Queer Native Fantasy Trilogy

The second book in Cherokee author Daniel Heath Justice’s fantasy trilogy The Way of Thorn and Thunder was possibly even better than its predecessor.  If you want to know what this series is all about, check out… 695 more words