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Transgender? Gender fluid? Transsexual? Take the Transgender Survey


This is the gate way to a new poll and survey seeking to know more about transgendered persons, even if you do not like the title transgendered, please look check it out if your think you fit under that umbrella term! 17 more words


Don't Call Me That

I don’t like it, when a woman calls me this.

It belittles both of us.

Not a term of endearment at all.

You could call me your ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’. 333 more words



When did my gender confusion begin?

Probably 18 months ago in New York. I threw myself into dancing the 5 Rhythms, and I had multiple dance floor male attractions. 661 more words


The end of one tunnel, and the beginning of another.

Do you know what is in that light at the end of the proverbial tunnel? Nine times out of ten, it’s the entrance to a new tunnel. 484 more words

Blog Entry

"Skirting the Issue": a response & call to action

I submitted a shorter version of this op-ed to the Winnipeg Free Press on June 17, 2015, in response to Professor Joanne Boucher’s opinion piece entitled “Dress-code message at U of W sexist”. 1,129 more words