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Peace is the path to prosperity

Jul 18,2019 – JORDAN TIMES – Samia Kabriti

As part of the recently unveiled peace plan in Bahrain, what can Senior White House Adviser Jared Kushner be realistically expected to deliver? 577 more words


Whoa, we have a late addition to today's programming!

9:00 p.m.     Alison Weir on The Global Campaign to Criminalize Criticism of Israel

Tune in for a recent talk by Alison Weir on this issue. This is a critical facet of the march toward stifling dissent here in Empire. 7 more words

BBC Radio 4 listeners are told of 'Palestinian air'

The July 11th edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ included an item described as follows in its synopsis: 1,001 more words


BBC R4 Bahrain conference coverage continues - part two

In part one of this post we looked at the first half of an item aired in the June 25th edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘ 1,069 more words


Is Abu-Mazen Losing his Magic Touch?

The Palestinian president, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas (Abu-Mazen) seems to be losing his magic touch.  For many years since he took the helm of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leadership – almost fifteen years now – he managed to win the understanding and support of the international community to his vision of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the two-state concept based on the June 4, 1967 borders; i.e. 619 more words

Two-state Solution

Bahrain summit: How Palestinians could defeat Trump's peace plan

Ahead of the Trump administration’s “economic workshop” in Bahrain, Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt recently acknowledged what many had already surmised: that the full unveiling of the US “peace plan” would be postponed once more, due to the pending Israeli elections. 792 more words


Why Israel Should Be ‘Singled Out’ For Its Human Rights Record

Unlike other countries, ordinary citizens are complicit in the perpetual crimes committed against defenseless Palestinians.

Published on June 13, 2019
By Waleed S. Ahmed

Why is everyone so obsessed with Israel’s human rights abuses? 1,360 more words