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Incredible Journey 303 – February 23, 2018- March 29, 2018 The Book outline

February 23, 2018 March 29, 2018: the concept of the Book
After a year since the divine message to write the book based upon my spiritual experience, I finally got the direction as to how to describe my experience. 342 more words

Spiritual Revelations


Palestinians always claimed their rights to historical Palestine. . . Then someone came along and convinced them that this was utopian and would not happen, offering a trade-off to go for the possible instead.

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Peace Process

One Country - A Bold Proposal To End The Israeli-Palestinian Impasse

By Ali Abunimah (2006)

“Crazy!” my Jewish friends and family might say, but this small book (a quick read in two nights) spells out a very strong argument for ending the status quo in Israel-Palestine which few think is good for anyone. 982 more words



[I]s the Two State Solution dead? If it is, it means that the Solution is Dead, period. The idea of taking up instead the One State Solution – i.e., that Jewish Israelis rejecting a Palestinian State on the West Bank would be ready to embrace millions of Palestinians as their new fellow citizens of Israel – completely ignores the most basic realities of Israeli society and politics.

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The Lord The Redeemer: 8. When the Lord was being emptied out he was in a state of progress toward union; when he was being glorified he was in a state of union itself. (Continued)

Because these two states follow the divine design, and the divine design fills everything large and small down to the least detail in the universe, therefore there are a number of different things in the universe that represent these two states. 547 more words

Spiritual Learning

Η ΠΡΟΔΟΣΙΑ ΟΛΟΚΛΗΡΩΝΕΤΑΙ: Κινήσεις για διαμοιρασμό φυσικού αερίου και ρόλο «εγγυητή» στην Άγκυρα

Του Κώστα Βενιζέλου

Αλλάζει η ατζέντα του Κυπριακού, γεγονός που θα φανεί πιο καθαρά μετά τις εκλογές, αναλόγως, βεβαίως, του αποτελέσματος. Η τουρκική πλευρά παρουσιάζεται ανοικτή στη διαπραγμάτευση λύσης δύο κρατών. Η διαφοροποίηση της τουρκικής στάσης αποτελεί απάντηση, όπως προκύπτει, σε κινήσεις που έγιναν προς αυτή την κατεύθυνση, χωρίς να κατονομάζονται οι εμπνευστές και προωθητές της ιδέας. Την ίδια ώρα, η τουρκική πλευρά, θέτοντας ζήτημα διαμοιρασμού των φυσικών πόρων, εγείρει ένα ζήτημα ακόμη: Η Τουρκία θεωρεί τον εαυτό της εγγυήτρια χώρα και για τα θέματα των φυσικών πόρων του νησιού. 


Chetan Bhagat to Sue American Sexbot Company for Stealing His Idea

India’s number one best-selling intellectual, and writer of what would in future be called pathbreaking novels about contemporary Indian culture, Chetan Bhagat, has decided to sue US firm, Abyss Creations for appropriating his idea. 485 more words