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Chetan Bhagat to Sue American Sexbot Company for Stealing His Idea

India’s number one best-selling intellectual, and writer of what would in future be called pathbreaking novels about contemporary Indian culture, Chetan Bhagat, has decided to sue US firm, Abyss Creations for appropriating his idea. 485 more words


«Ενδιάμεση φόρμουλα» στο Κυπριακό προκρίνει ο Ακιντζί-τσογλάν πριν αρχίσουν οι γεωτρήσεις στην ΑΟΖ


Μια «ενδιάμεση φόρμουλα» αναμένεται να βολιδοσκοπήσει η τουρκοκυπριακή πλευρά την Λευκωσία, για την επίλυση του Κυπριακού.


Also in Media: "The View from Israel: The Inevitable Outcome of the Establishment of Palestine."  March 7, 2017

How about the future political face of Palestine?  In Gaza, Hamas just elected their replacement to Ismael Haniyeh. If you thought that the old face of Hamas was bad, the new face is even worse. 

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Islamic Small Wars

Nikki Haley Will Not Equivocate on the Ecosystem of Violence

The new United States ambassador to the United Nations was unimpressed with her first monthly meeting of the UN Security Council. Nikki Haley addressed the press… 1,571 more words


Trump Lies, Says 3 Million Illegal Votes in 2016 . . . But "Zero" of them Went to Him

Trump is repeating his delusional lie, obviously a racist attack against immigrants, that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election. Of those millions, Trump has made up another lie by saying that… 74 more words


Two States !!!

A dull music was playing from an old rickety television set, lying at the corner of a rectangular room. In addition to that, the noise of the creaky fan resounded midst the four walls. 1,544 more words


John Kerry: The Declaration and Observations of a Failure

Over the past decades, the literary world has seen the introduction of a new specialized category of books enter the mainstream and become very popular: do-it-yourself books, or DIY for short.  933 more words