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Πρόγραμμα ψευδοκυβέρνησης με περισσότερη Τουρκία

Επιμονή σε δύο κράτη και εγγυήσεις – Και ο Αναστασιάδης τον χαβά του

Λογικές δύο κρατών και με σταθερό στόχο να διασφαλισθεί η εσαεί παρουσία της Τουρκίας, είτε με συμφωνία στο Κυπριακό είτε χωρίς, είναι «εμβολιασμένες» οι λεγόμενες προγραμματικές θέσεις της νέας ψευδοκυβέρνησης, που τέθηκαν χθες ενώπιον της «βουλής», από τον «πρωθυπουργό» του κατοχικού καθεστώτος, Χουσεΐν Οζγκιουργκιούν. 


10 Best romantic scenes from Bollywood

Bollywood is well-known for its romantic allure be it 90s era or 2016.  It never fails you to offer fresh love stories. Let’s see what Bollywood has offered us till now: 863 more words



Demilitarised, sandwiched between a hostile Jordanian-Israeli military alliance, unequally integrated with a far more powerful economy – wouldn’t Palestine be no less subject to external command than other weak states with strong neighbours in an internationalised economy?  

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On Valentine's day, It's complicated.

I never appreciated people changing their relationship status online to “It’s complicated”. Ironically, it is what I am faced with today. There’s this girl…. whose heart I broke time and again. 400 more words

Personal Musings

The Left-Wing’s Two State Solution: 1.5 States for Arabs, 0.5 for Jews

The two state-solution for the “Question of Palestine” has been bandied about for decades. At the 1993 Oslo Accords, the Israelis and Palestinian Arabs seemingly came to a conclusion that there would be a division of the land, one for Arabs and one for Jews. 971 more words


November 29, A Historical Date For Arab-Israeli History: The UN Officially Stands With the 'Palestinians' and Demonizes Israel

November 29 is a noteworthy date for all those interested in Israel and the Middle East.

Sixty-eight years ago, following the recommendation of a decisive majority of the 11-member United Nations Special Committee on Palestine, the UN General Assembly met to consider Resolution 181. 2,159 more words

End Time Prophecy

Six Anti-Israel Resolutions Pass at the UN, Including: "Israel has No Right to Impose its Sovereignty Over The Holy City of Jerusalem"

Just ahead of next week’s anniversary of the 1947 UN vote to partition the British Mandate of Palestine into two states, twenty anti-Israel resolutions were presented at the United Nations. 837 more words

End Time Prophecy