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Up & Down...

FORGIVE ME PEOPLE!! Things have been slow..The weather has not been as favourable as it could have been and we ran into some ‘issues’ with the steel joists. 396 more words

slow & sickly...

Hey House Bloggers.. long time no see :)   Its been one of those “couple o weeks”, the ones where stuff has happened but not really impressive stuff and time has just evaporated into the cosmos, As the “Timey wimey wibbly wobbly”  stuff does. 591 more words

Long weekend wash out.

Its been a short week, WA day was last Monday and so the week began Tuesday. Its thrown me off all week and I have been consequently a day behind, we can dispense with the “your always behind” jokes too :-) I funnily enough though managed not to sit outside school waiting for Boo this week only to remember she has a dance class!! 508 more words

Still Bricking...

Well its been a funny old week, our lovely Brickie is still on the job although we have lost the half naked one to the mines! 538 more words


After last Friday nights storm front we awoke and tentatively went to inspect the damage. Would we find our walls now aspiring to be pavers?, would the site rubbish be all over the street with an angry mob of neighbours vowing for our blood?.. 317 more words


After the flurry of underground workings last week, This week we can actually see some of the physical structures that will make our home. It all started out well at the weekend with Terry Bobcat scraping back the excess sand, rubble and bits before taking it all away -which to some may *sounds simples*  but in reality is a mammoth task with each load carrying around 10 tons, and an hour n half round trip to the tip. 278 more words

Why do things take soon Long?

Boy what a drag its been pursuing the red tape brigade around. Think someone should get hold of the inventor and wrap him from head to toe in the bleeding stuff! 398 more words