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Rapid Fire Book Tag

Got some tea and a snack or two? Buckle up, because this Rapid Fire Book Tag is a long one! Thanks so much to Heather @ Book and Words… 969 more words


The two towers (2002)

– my favorite movie of the LOTR trilogy

This was my favorite of the trilogy. The battle, Gandalf back, Gollum, the end credits song, it was just all so good. 123 more words

Lord Of The Rings

“Many that live deserve death.

And some die that deserve life.

Can you give it to them?

Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety.

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Gollum's song- Lyrics and video

Of all the end credits songs in the middle-earth saga, Gollum’s song still remains my favorite and the most interesting song. When people think about Gollum, they either say, “Eww, that shriveled creature is creepy“, or they just think of him as a shriveled, wicked villain who will kill to get the ring back. 155 more words


Movie Quotes

Here are some of my favorite movie quotes. I will try to make them into posters with some fancy font. Enjoy! And let me know what some of your favorite movies quotes are. 85 more words

Dr. Strange

Middle Earth Time: Comparing the Age of the Earth to the Lord of the Rings Movies

What if we were to compare Earth’s historical time to Middle Earth’s movie runtime? If we were to compare these two and put them side by side, at what point in the movie would you be during the KPG extinction (the event that killed off most of the dinosaurs)? 579 more words