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Beginner to Advance level – Steps to make regression model part 2

In previous article of this series we learned how to calculate values of coefficients, test of slope coefficients and Hypothesis. 440 more words


Two-Way ANOVA using "afex"

The great thing about using the afex package for ANOVA is that it’s easily translatable into other forms of the ANOVA. Last week, we covered the one-way ANOVA using the… 1,499 more words


Two-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA - Long Format

In the last post, we covered how to run a one-way Repeated Measures ANOVA using the long format for the data. If you are coming from SPSS, I know it’s a bit odd to use a something other than the… 1,617 more words


ANOVA: part 2

In my last post I went through running a one-way between factor ANOVA in R – with the purpose of showing how to match the typical output from SPSS (something that comes up from time to time working with our statistical consulting clients). 2,461 more words