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7 Ways to Deal with the Dreaded Two Year Old Temper Tantrum

Once upon a time, we had a sweet little boy named Nate who rarely got upset or threw fits but then one day he turned two years old and it all went to Hell… 1,930 more words

Mom Life

Mount Motherload

When our fiery wills met to build Sage, they didn’t cancel each other out as two similar forces should. They quietly grew for 23 months and then on a dark and stormy night they colluded and turned my soft cherub into a pocket sized dictator with a personality disorder. 1,220 more words

{favorite blanket rehab}

How many people out there have a favorite blanket from their childhood?  I am positive our family is not alone in this tradition.  We grew up with a Gramma who loved to sew.   598 more words

Kith & Kin

Top 10 Movement Songs

April Showers bring May Flowers, right?! I cannot wait for the nice spring weather to grace Ohio, but until then we’ll have a lot of recesses indoors. 172 more words

{ode to two}

OK, can we just take a minute to sit and relax and quickly write (or read) a blog post?  No.  No you cannot.  Not if you have a two year old.   578 more words

Kith & Kin

The stars

They sit in the sky

they don’t twinkle

like they said they do

they just shine

its strange because

how does space

result to sky… 110 more words


Simpler Days

This week what began as a 2 day stint watching my two year old grandson, Beej, stretched to  four. Fortunately it was a slower week in other areas of my life, so I had the time to spare. 287 more words