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The Naked Truth: A Toddler Goes Free

It was one of those toddler days…Kiddo was about two and a half. It was many years before I got sick.

I was painting the kitchen and not really paying attention to Kiddo while my husband had to do something else for a bit. 757 more words


My Two Year Old Is My Friend

I have been warned about the famous “terrible two’s”. I have been told that my sweet baby will suddenly need spankings to be well-behaved. I have heard stories of two year olds that are constantly tantruming and hitting and acting out. 446 more words

Eye Rolling

Rolling the eyes is a non-verbal way of communicating exasperation, disbelief, and “Are you kidding me?!”.  At the suggestion of , “Just one more picture” this two year old started rolling her eyes. 29 more words

Family & Friends

Mason Monday's - Leash Trained Parents

Mason really must have it out for me. I mean, only he could take something as simple as a jump rope and turn it into a parent leash. 277 more words


But the greatest of these...

Kai is my snuggle bug. He is quick with a hug, a squeeze, a kiss on the cheek. So when I put him to bed tonight, I offered to snuggle next to him for a few minutes. 418 more words


Mason Mondays - I Shall Mark My Daddy

I tried to warn you people in advance that my son is not for the faint of heart. In this weeks post… you will see that I wasn’t kidding. 234 more words


Letting go, one milestone at a time

Motherhood is mania personified.  Truly.  One second I’m pulling my hair out, desperately wondering when getting W dressed will no longer require chasing and tackling.  The next second, silent tears of pride stain my cheeks as he proudly pulls his own undies up and down to go potty. 322 more words