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Are The Two's Really So 'Terrible'? (Yes, But Not What I Expected)

The “terrible twos” have descended upon us.

Now, if I were a person who was reading this instead of writing it, instead of someone actually going through it, I would have my doubts. 1,061 more words


Good books for.... Catholic 2 to 3 year olds

    At two to three years old, children have a longer attention span and a greater appreciation for detailed illustrations. There are so many wonderful books for this age! 614 more words

    Book Lists

    things to do when she's driving me crazy.

    my sweet sunshiney two-year-old can drive me crazy sometimes.  she is so full of energy.  she is into everything.  vaulting on the couch, painting with her own poop.   707 more words

    Good Books for... Catholic 1 to 2 Year Olds

    We start reading young around here! By the time our kids have their first birthday, they are usually happy listening to me read simple picture books. 386 more words

    Book Lists

    stuff she does that drives me crazy.

    my two year old is sleeping with her diaper duct taped together because on Monday, she took her diaper off and:

    • pooped on the kitchen rug and stepped in it and left a trail of poop prints through the kitchen and dining room and riving room carpet…
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    Ellie Turns Two

    Two years ago this morning at 10:54 am after 30 some freaking long hours of labor, my world forever shifted. Everything about her arrival had been unplanned. 499 more words

    When Things Get Out of Hand...

    At the very outset, let’s get this clear: this post is NOT about how to cope when things get out of control. Nope, not at all. 873 more words