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Being Praised, or my miniature fan club, part 4

Last Friday night I babysat my two-year-old roommate while his parents went on a date. Though it was poor timing on my part, a multitude of errands earlier in the day meant that chocolate chip oatmeal cookies were about to come out of the oven just as we sat down to macaroni and cheese for dinner. 299 more words


Choosing Battles

A couple of nights ago my sister said, “If you get a hankering for graham crackers, don’t eat the ones in the open packet.” I looked at her quizzically. 421 more words


Getting His Priorities Straight

Recently my three roommates returned from a week long trip to the other side of the world. As can be expected, there has been jet lag. 258 more words


That One Song Which Drives You Nuts

Before going into a roommate relationship I’ve learned to try and head off future conflict by asking if there is any particular habit that is a pet peeve. 378 more words

Being Heard, or My Miniature Fan Club, part 3

One of the questions I always struggle with is when people ask me to list my hobbies. Part of this is because some of the things I genuinely enjoy doing, I don’t inherently do well, or I don’t do to the standards others might expect. 387 more words


Being Seen, or My Miniature Fan Club, part 2

Most of the time when people discuss two-year-olds they are referencing the tantrums that are hallmarks of this age group as it learns to exert its will and authority. 468 more words


Being Seen, or My Miniature Fan Club

Sometimes I forget that I’m not invisible.

It started in high school. Halfway through ninth grade another Jill arrived and from day one she was more popular than me. 421 more words