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Toffee Chocolate Chip Bars

My almost two year old daughter Phoebe is quite a handful.  She’s really giving me a run for my money in a way that her two older siblings did not.   609 more words


Ramblings of a Two Year Old

Over the past week we have spent more time traveling in a car then not being in a car. I got to hear A LOT of silly saying from my kids. 167 more words

Nap Time

Little Beej and I have a routine. We like it. As he finishes his lunch and we wash his grimy mitts and his grubby mug, we run through the list of what’s coming next. 882 more words


When Life's the Dumps

My life is sh*t right now.

No, I mean literally my entire life seems to revolve around good ole number 2 at this moment.

You see, my two year old is pretty much potty-trained number 1, but REFUSES to go number two in the toilet. 666 more words

You at Two

T W O! Bubs you still amaze me (I’m certain you always will). Things I want to remember of these quickly passing moments: 598 more words


A Parenting Hack for Dealing With Stubborn Kids

Being a parent is a little like being a social scientist. You’re an anthropologist studying a strange tribe of lawless pygmies, trying to uncover why they need to take a single bite of every piece of fruit in the basket or rub spaghetti sauce into their hair. 239 more words


I survived preschool drop off 

Today I got my sons very first preschool picture and it made my heart smile.He isn’t technically preschool because he is 2, so they call them the tiny tots program. 1,144 more words