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37 - Echo chamber

Is there an echo in here?

No, it’s a two-year-old voice piping up right behind me saying exactly what I just said. In tiny little tinkly tones, sometimes with a rising inflection, as if to ask if that’s really what I meant to say. 587 more words


23 - Grandma's got boobs?!

Ah, that headline caught your attention, now didn’t it! Caught mine when little miss two-year-old curiosity cat asked me the question. I looked at her mom with my eyebrow raised; she rolled her eyes, and said, “Yes, she’s asking if Grandma has boobs.” 747 more words


How to Discipline Your 2-Year-Old (#NaBloPoMo Day 18)

And we’re on to NaBloPoMo Day 18!  I know it’s the weekend, but I hope you’re all behaving. Today’s theme is Discipline, and things are about to get pretty stern up in here. 1,205 more words


17 - Connecting the dots . . .

On my second cup of lifesaving coffee… and for those who suggested we put the Keurig upstairs, well, on workdays that I don’t run, those stairs are pretty much my only exercise. 937 more words


7 - Teeny, tiny terrorist

Living with a two-year-old is an interesting thing. Walking a half mile with a two-year-old is even more interesting.

First – the shoes. It has to be the sandals, because those are her favorite. 788 more words


Screen Time: Is My Kid Watching Too Much TV?

Alright, I’m going to be completely honest, because this blog is anonymous, and because the first step is admitting you have a problem. On some days (on a lot of days — maybe even more often than not), my 2.5-year-old watches a full 2 hours of TV. 957 more words


An Ode To Two Year Olds

Two Year Olds are NOISY – our local playgroup is bleddy fabulous, not least for the fact that there is a rolling cake rota and endless coffee on tap for the frazzled zombies mums.  970 more words