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He's Only Two

The other day I was feeling kind of crazy and went to Target and Buy Buy Baby with both my toddler and my newborn in tow.   2,234 more words

Coconut oil, sea salt, a popsicle and a curling wand later...

You never know what you’re going to get in life. It always comes with surprises, ups and downs, laughter and tears. So many emotions come with life, especially if you’re a girl! 410 more words

Choose Joy

NO! - The favorite word in my house right now : )

I just have to smile. Although it may be a little bit of a crazy, just about to loose my mind smile. I smile because that is more socially accepted than hysterically crying – that is what I am doing on the inside. 504 more words

Know yourself, respect yourself

Two years ago I planned to loop up with a group of children (ages 4-12 months) until they turned three. I loved this idea. I loved the fact that I could watch the children over a span of three years and see how they change, develop and form who they are. 413 more words


Classroom Shenanigans

Since I work with a bunch of two year olds I’m constantly making things for the classroom. Recently I made a couple of magnetic paper dolls (a boy and a girl) to go with our weather chart. 62 more words


All or nothing...

Teaching an ‘Old Dog’ a new trick

Many times words start out meaning one thing, and then over time, because people have started using them incorrectly, and it catches on Рon purpose or not, the meanings either change, or the word has multiple definitions. 409 more words

Life Lessons

Howe To...Say What You Mean

Hailey’s best friend in the whole world is her cousin Grayson. Even at the tender ages of 4 and 2 1/2, respectively, they seem to complement each other perfectly. 561 more words