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Classroom Shenanigans

Since I work with a bunch of two year olds I’m constantly making things for the classroom. Recently I made a couple of magnetic paper dolls (a boy and a girl) to go with our weather chart. 62 more words


All or nothing...

Teaching an ‘Old Dog’ a new trick

Many times words start out meaning one thing, and then over time, because people have started using them incorrectly, and it catches on – on purpose or not, the meanings either change, or the word has multiple definitions. 409 more words

Life Lessons

Howe To...Say What You Mean

Hailey’s best friend in the whole world is her cousin Grayson. Even at the tender ages of 4 and 2 1/2, respectively, they seem to complement each other perfectly. 561 more words


My Five Favorite Two-Year-Old Milestones

So today I thought I’d take a break from book reviews and talk about my recently turned two-year-old.

I have a two-year-old!

It’s still somewhat unbelievable to me that 1) I co-created a tiny human being, 2) gave birth to said human, 3) grew the human, and 4) am in the process of raising said human being who can now walk, talk, eat real food etc. 1,706 more words

6 Bits Of Wisdom I've Learned From My Two Year-Old Son

It’s pretty astounding how much kids can teach us. I never realized how completely dumb I was until my almost two year old started to teach me lessons I never would have learned on my own. 1,220 more words

Getting Directions

The two-year old’s curiosity helped overcome her fear of the unknown.  Every day is something new.  Learning the difference between real and pretend is a high priority at this age … and fascinating to watch. 15 more words


Spring Break Shananigans

In Mexico, Spring Break is a nationally mandated vacation for schools–and every year all students in the entire country are out of school the same two weeks.   512 more words

Baby O' Mine