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Too Much, Geek Mom?

I can’t remember what inspired this train of thought but as a geek mom I felt I had to ask myself when is it too much? 419 more words

A Letter to my 2 Year Old Son

Dear Son,

You have started the terrible twos, and the terrible temper tantrums. You have found your voice, just not the words.

Just the other day you were laughing and smiling. 495 more words


Mothers and Daughters... (sigh...)

Fair warning:  This post is NOT about grief and loss, but about family and new additions and changes. That being said…

I have to say it.   1,906 more words

The Naked Truth: A Toddler Goes Free

It was one of those toddler days…Kiddo was about two and a half. It was many years before I got sick.

I was painting the kitchen and not really paying attention to Kiddo while my husband had to do something else for a bit. 757 more words


My Two Year Old Is My Friend

I have been warned about the famous “terrible two’s”. I have been told that my sweet baby will suddenly need spankings to be well-behaved. I have heard stories of two year olds that are constantly tantruming and hitting and acting out. 446 more words

Eye Rolling

Rolling the eyes is a non-verbal way of communicating exasperation, disbelief, and “Are you kidding me?!”.  At the suggestion of , “Just one more picture” this two year old started rolling her eyes. 29 more words

Family & Friends

Mason Monday's - Leash Trained Parents

Mason really must have it out for me. I mean, only he could take something as simple as a jump rope and turn it into a parent leash. 277 more words