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Two Year Olds Are The Worst

Something terrible has happened.

It came without warning. It caught us completely by surprise. It’s just…it’s just…

Oliver, has turned into a two year old.  343 more words

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Rejoicing In the No’s from God

We’ve all been there.  Prayed for something our hearts were craving, desiring, and even crying out for and the answer from God was no.  I am currently living with my 2 year old granddaughter who gave me a great lesson in this (and many other things) just the other day. 676 more words


The brighter side

Not too long ago, a little girl got signed up to take a “parent-and-tot” gymnastics class. This little girl likes to throw fits most of the time she is with mom’s friends, so sometimes we try to entertain her. 125 more words


The Twos: Terrible or Terrific?

Parenting a Terrible Two Year Old or Threenager sounds hilarious to those of us who aren’t doing it.

We think it’s pretty wild that you could “live in constant fear about what shape to cut a piece of toast” or dealing with “a child who goes boneless when you tell them it’s time to leave.”* 635 more words


There's No Such Thing As the Terrible Twos! Part 1

A while back I nannied a little girl. She was a cutie. Brown ringlets spiraled over her large dark eyes. Her cheeks dimpled adorably whenever she smiled. 1,044 more words


My Ornery 2 Year Old!

This is her…so different from my other two kids!  Well today, she decided to put a popcorn kernel up her nose!  Seriously?  What would possess someone to do that?!  168 more words

Bringing up monsters...

After a couple of really trying days with the biggest boy, pushing me to the edge of my sanity to the point that if a leaflet advertising boarding school and they take them from 2 had been pushed through my door I would of gladly packed his stuff and signed him straight up! 430 more words

Little Monsters