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Almost Two

My granddaughter turned two earlier this month, but I don’t have her portraits processed yet, so this is sort of a teaser.

This image is part of a photo I was going to discard because neither subject looked very good.   43 more words

Family & Friends

Rebranding the "Terrible Twos"

Two-year-olds suffer from an image problem.

“Has she hit her ‘terrible twos’ yet?”

I’ve heard it a number of times now that I’m the mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old—from…

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Two Guys In Their Red Sports Car

I got a visit this morning from two guys driving along in their red sports car. They came by to say hi and to show off their driving skills. 117 more words

My Day

Quiet Time for a Two Year Old

I’m currently three months pregnant, and my firstborn is a two year old. He’s actually 28 months old. I had to count to figure that one out, though. 412 more words

The heart of a child

The life of a two-year-old teacher is a combination of “I’m-about-to-pull-my-hair-out-and-scream” and “Awww-could-you-be-any-cuter”. There are definite moments that test my patience, and then there are moments that I couldn’t imagine having a different job. 789 more words

Shopping With My Son

I know I talk a lot about Truman, but he is so damn funny I can’t help myself. I adore my Big Red boy, my beautiful baby Grant but he’s just cute and sweet right now, he’s not funny yet. 874 more words

Family Fun

Are the "Terrible Twos" really terrible?

The answer? Is yes!! So you may have noticed I have not blogged for a while. I haven’t given up and I have missed it. There is a reason for my absence – the youngest person in our family turned two in October and boy oh boy did life change! 409 more words