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Muscle Memory Mixes With Mental Memory

I posted yesterday about how I moved offices at work for the first time in over two years and keep automatically going to the old floor. 172 more words

Two Years Is A Long Time

Two years is a long time. It might not seem like that long, but it’s long enough. It’s long enough to get trained in certain automatic behaviors at least. 156 more words


Whisper my name –

A last wish, one of the same.

Our boots are a single pair,

one set meant for two to share.

Each tree, stumble, and tear… 39 more words


I did a bad...

I missed our anniversary!

It’s been two years (more than two now) since I started this little thing, and I honestly wasn’t sure if I could keep it up. 118 more words

Toilet training Tabitha

A few months ago I wrote down ‘start potty training’ in my diary for the 1st January. As the weeks went on and the new year drew closer, I began to think I was being too optimistic in setting this date; Tabitha still wasn’t showing any signs of being ready and was refusing to sit on the potty. 239 more words



Because I love, the way I deserve to love.

I am careful, as I can be.

Always grateful, always present, always in love.

You’ve never been more relevant: because I’ve found a love for myself as well.

The girls at 33 months and 7 months

The past four weeks have been taken up with Christmas and new year celebrations, with visits to both Clacton and Stoke. Both girls have had colds over Christmas and as we started the new year both me and Tom came down with it too. 690 more words