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Scandal 7x02 - Pressing The Flesh Review

It’s not Scandal without a assassination attempt on a President, so Episode 2 of Season 7 made sure to check that box off real quick. I kinda like that besides a few scenes in a hotel room, the outside hallway of Olivia’s apartment, and QPA headquarters that the entire episode took place solely at the White House dinner where Mellie’s main objective was to fix the mess that occurred last episode between the United States and the Bashrani after Olivia was forced to threaten the Ambassador’s son in order to get their captured CIA agent back. 1,081 more words


H.E.R. - 2 (prod. by H.E.R. & Uzoechi Emenike)

Do we even have to say how much we love H.E.R.?  Between the songwriting, the vocals, and (as we have recently discovered) the production chops, she is coming for everyone in the industry simply by being talented…and we stan talent.  349 more words

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logic reset

There’s reason to have your logic reset after jogging two miles to buy a cigarette.


Angular Bird Tension

I have no idea as to what is going on in this photo.

I hope you enjoy.


Piper Turns 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday Piper! How times flies? I can’t believe she’s already 2!

Piper’s been really fortunate to receive some lovely gifts this year. We’re so grateful & appreciative of what everyone has sent her. 412 more words


Two: समझ

मुझे माफ़ करना समझ
कि उम्मीदों-आशाओं की चम-चमाती महक से
ज़ाया होतीं दिन-बर-दिन दोहरातीं दोपहर से
बातों किरदारों व किस्से कहानियों में बहक के
आज़मा ना सकी तुमको

मुझे माफ़ करना समझ
कि सच के खाबों ख्यालों की चुभती हुई बारिशों से
बीते न बीते वक़्त के पहाड़ों के टूटते टुकड़ो-अंगारों से
ना जाने आने ना आने वाले लम्हों के तूफ़ानी सागरों से
बचा ना सकी तुमको

17th October 2017