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Twofer Tuesday: a peek into my day

This morning I pulled some manuscript/project boxes out of the closet to see if there’s anything in there worth salvaging for my next writing endeavor. (My little writer brain has to have something to noodle on, so while I await my critique group’s feedback on my work-in-progress, I’ve started thinking about what comes next). 85 more words


Twofer Tuesday: the cat-centric edition

I took a total of two photos today. First, I crept up on wild and crazy Marcel. SNAP!

Then, I pivoted to capture the rambunctious Loki. 16 more words

Hellevator & Release the Hounds; or First Floor: Housewares, Fake Blood, and Schadenfreude

Hello and Hallowelcome to the last of this year’s Twofer Tuesdays, where you get two screams for the price of one! You join your solitary blogger, Lilly, as she leaves some vaguely European forest to step onto an elevator that surely doesn’t meet Health and Safety Standards. 1,643 more words

Twofer Tuesday

The Brood and The Fly; or Damn, Creation Is a Messy Business

Hello and Hallo-welcome to another Twofer Tuesday, where it takes two to tango or write a review, apparently! You join your bloggers, Andy and Lilly, as they settle in for an evening where the only thing that could possibly kill their buzz is rage babies and men merged with insects–oh damn. 991 more words

Twofer Tuesday

Poltergeist(s, 1982 & 2015); or They're Both Heeeeeeeere

Hello and Hallo-welcome to another Twofer Tuesday, where it’s double the pleasure, double the fun! You join your bloggers, Andy and Lilly, as they argue about whether their house is built on an ancient burial ground or a local graveyard that was supposedly moved than wasn’t, and which would be a worse scenario. 1,279 more words

Twofer Tuesday

Twofer Tuesday: rebel hikers edition

When Zebu was a high school senior, he brought home a paper outlining the “rules” for senior photos. In addition to sensible guidelines such as “Do not wear sunglasses,” and “No props such as guns or weapons or other offensive material,” was “Students’ heads should not be pressed between two trees.” 39 more words

The Texas Chainsaw Massacres; or That's the Last Hitchhiker Hallowfest Picks Up

Hello and Hallo-welcome back to Twofer Tuesday, where we hang up two movies up on meathooks until they are nice and gamey! You join your amateur abbattoirists, Andy and Lilly, who ask the age old question – how many chainsaw kills count as a massacre? 1,175 more words

Twofer Tuesday