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Falling in Love with God.

The first time I read Song of Solomon I thought, “Why is this crazy poem in the Bible? What does it have to do with God?   663 more words

...Why YOU Matter So Much...

By Ty Gibson

Today in a little Australian town called Byron Bay I noticed a sign that says, “I saw the universe change today.” Whoever wrote those words was paying attention. 1,205 more words

The Christian Life

Survival Race

This Digma video illustrates the underlying (and not even that hidden) racial tones of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and the evolutionary hypothesis.


The Signature

The Signature.  Another short from Digma.  The first, actually.

Is there more to reality than meets the eye?  Does the fact that we can’t “find” God as an observable physical entity prove that God doesn’t exist? 36 more words


Pale Blue Dot

God cares about us. Even if we are comparatively nothing in this vast universe.

Ty Gibson talks about this in the Digma video “Pale Blue Dot… 22 more words


An Unexpected Weekend Blessing

I traveled to Andrews this last weekend on a mission to recruit staff for ThisGeneration’s summer program in Dayton. I made plans for the trip prior to knowing what was happening there. 167 more words


I'm an Atheist, Too


This is a short video that examines the concepts we have of God. Even if someone is an atheist, they still have a picture of the God they don’t believe in. 7 more words