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Der Unterschied zwischen Glück und Glück

Eine Kurze Reise in den Griechischunterricht

Textübersetzung aus Κάνθαρος (Kantharos, Lehrbuch für Altgriechisch)

König Antigonos grüßt den Philosophen Zenon.
Ich glaube zwar dir an Glück und Ruhm überlegen zu sein, an Verstand und Bildung jedoch unterlegen, und auch an dem Glück, das du besitzt. 194 more words


Morning Prayer November 3 2015

With prayer in mind, I summon you here, Tyche, noble ruler,
Gentle goddess of the roads, for wealth and possessions,
As Artemis who guides, renowned, sprung from the loins of Eubouleus. 69 more words


(Taken from the Witches Tarot deck)

The Fool

The fool is one of the most interesting cards in the Tarot pack. It is often known as the… 538 more words

Tyche- The Tarot Fool's Journey

“Tyche is not actually a Goddess but a deity in Greek Mythology . However she is known as the goddess  of Fortune and Chance. Tyche is the daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus.

761 more words

May 04 - 416 Vaticana

Happy Star Wars Day.

1886  – on May 4th 1866, asteroid 258 Tyche was discovered by Robert Luther. It is a 650m wide “S” type main belt asteroid, and is possibly a member of the… 119 more words


Moda controcorrente - intervista a Eleonora Tassani di Tyche

Tyche è il nome di una collezione di t-shirt stampate per donna e bambino/a e di borse di stoffa e paglia ricamate o personalizzate a mano. 1,795 more words


SCADS66 Demetrius I SC 1633-1640Ad



Silver tetradrachm, Tyche type

SC 1633-1640Ad

Obv.: Diademed head of Demetrius I r., diadem ends hanging straight behind, laurel wreath border. 94 more words

Diademed Head