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B13.11 Call of the Sleeper

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Basil looked warily at the goblet in front of him. It’s probably not a good idea to refuse his hospitality; if he wanted to hurt us, he wouldn’t need to play games like this, anyway, 6,822 more words

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B13.2 Call of the Sleeper

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“This is going to go wrong so much I can’t even put it into words,” Hecate complained, her mouth – the only part of her face, other than her chin, visible beneath her cowl – twisted into a frown as she leaned onto her staff, gripping it tightly with both hands. 2,759 more words

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B12.10 Born At Sleep

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I’m not dead.

Relief surged through Basil as he processed that thought.

Then he opened his eyes – and saw only darkness. Followed by a female groan to his left, and a cough to his right. 4,358 more words

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B13.10 Call of the Sleeper

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Can’t kill him. Can’t capture him. Can’t control or subvert him. Can’t harm him, Basil thought, his body exploding into motion, running forward towards Emyr’s back, as the tall man moved to pass through the door and subjugate two worlds again – and Basil did not doubt that he’d be able to, not when the world was already in such utter disarray. 4,688 more words

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Gratitude Project 2017, Day 24 - Tyche


Tyche is the Governess of good fortune.  She directs the fate of cities, and also of businesses and individuals.  In fact, I petition Her for the success of my own business.   174 more words


The research files vol. XVIII: The Planet Venus

I will bring an interesting topic to attention and that is specifically invoking or summoning planets; the peculiar thing about this is that planets aren’t individual entities or even rulers of said planet, but the sphere itself. 398 more words

The Luck of the Times: A Ritual

WE FACE interesting times, that old curse we so often hear about. I’ve been thinking a lot about time recently. Inspired by a social media comment made by the inimitable Dr. 3,706 more words