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I had a long hair cat named Tycho (a Maine coon/Russian Gray mix?) for 12 years, and I don’t think in his entire life he shed as much fur as my German Shepherd Lily has shed in the past two weeks. 37 more words

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Some more things to look at on the Moon

The final article for Moon week is another round up of fantastic Moon features to view with your telescope. There are some really fascinating craters, mountains and rilles to be seen and here are some more the ones that we think are mind blowing. 680 more words


Exploring Ghostly International’s Avant-Pop

As they roll closer to two full decades of releasing music, Ghostly International’s momentum and consistency remain something extraordinary. Though the label has expanded massively since it was founded by Sam Valenti IV in 1999, in some ways, very little has changed. 1,777 more words

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Songs of the Week 154: February 25 - March 3

#5. Madge – Fight Or Flight Club


Reminds me of a less intense, less “in your face” Crystal Castles.

#4. Odie – Trance Dance… 196 more words


February Vacation 2018

I don’t think I could survive without these vacations.  It took me until yesterday (7 days in!) to feel like a normal person again.  I spent the first two days washing dishes, picking up my clutter and doing laundry.  328 more words



“Take a deep breath,”

The mask is on her face, held on by the surgeon’s distracted hands while he gazed away at something outside her vision. 7,149 more words

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No surprises

Some hopes don’t fade easily.

Tycho – The Walk