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Melbourne, Victoria 🇦🇺

Hello from Down Unda!

Earlier this month Jake and I took a trip down South. Jake planned the entire adventure for us a few months ago and I had been daydreaming of it ever since! 1,064 more words

3x3: My Week in Music for February 17, 2017


-I enjoyed the new Lupe Fiasco record (bottom left). Don’t know if I’ll go back to it too much, but it was a good listen. 83 more words


Soft Synths and Hand Puppets

Tycho are an instrumental electronic act hailing from the west coast of the United States, having been around for more than a decade with 4 full length releases. 689 more words


Laneway 2017

Hanging at the forefront of my brain for most of this year’s Laneway was a single thought, it was there in the first five minutes after entering, it was there as I wandered between sets, it was there on my way out. 871 more words


3x3: My Week in Music for January 27, 2017

Notes for this week:

-The new Japandroids album (lower right) is phenomenal. It released today. They have hit three home runs in three records. Go see them live if they hit your city because they put on one of the best live shows you’ll ever see. 95 more words



Journal # 01.02.17

I started my day with a cadillac. Home-roasted Sumatra pour over combined with Swiss Miss dark hot chocolate. Some good music in Tycho’s latest album ‘Epoch’. 48 more words

Small Black: Limits of Desire

So. Oh oh oooooh phiiiiie.

That song is pure eighties revival bliss. So much so that it makes me want to Wikipedia Molly Ringwold and see what she’s doing these days. 424 more words