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RFS Picks of the Week: August 26th, 2016

Welcome back for another RFS Picks of the Week. This week’s additions are bleak, ominous, and melancholy, upbeat, positive and psychedelic as well. Without wasting anymore time… 122 more words

Ambient Music

HOME - Pyxis

“Pyxis” is made up of retrospective synth melodies (that harken to old-school M83) which repeat over and over and over, somehow sounding fresh every time, and some classic french house.  108 more words


Track of the Week 11/07/16

Fresh off my hiatus (which may or may not have been because I was actually doing some grown up work for an actual company and not blabbing away irrelevance into the vast chatter of the internet) here’s my track of the week to get back into writing. 69 more words


Tycho - Division

My brother introduced me to Tycho but the album Dive just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. It’s ambient electronica sound just reminded me of the soundtrack to The Sims, it’s relaxing sure but doesn’t exactly invoke anything in me (which I know is the point of Tycho’s music) but nothing from this album was memorable for me. 119 more words


Tycho Is Back, Nearly Redeeming 2016

Both Tycho the band and Tycho the man (AKA Scott Hansen) are among my most favorite of anything ever on this planet. This is to say that I’m wholly biased toward, and wholly in a state of genuflection before, the new single, “Division.” 66 more words


ft. Safia, Blood Orange, Tycho, Weezer, The John Steel Singers and Big Scary

Little names but big talent dominated this week. Safia continues their track record of quality electro dance inducing hits. Blood Orange continues to evolve without missing a beat, Tycho challenges the ear with disguised complexity, Weezer, well you know what to expect and Big Scary finish us off with a more delicate rendition of their much loved sound. 550 more words

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