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FINISH THE STORY!(A Writing Prompt)

Two men are now officially engaged to the daughters of a wealthy tycoon; But the tycoon had announced that his first daughter could only marry one of the two men, so he has come up with a plan-He has hidden $900,000 somewhere on the islands of Hawaii, and he has ordered the two men to go to Hawaii to find the money, but there’s a catch: If the first man finally finds $900,000, then the tycoon would proclaim the man as the winner, and that he could have his first daughter’s hand in marriage while that money would be used to pay for the wedding. 247 more words

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Werewolf Tycoon

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Brings back memories when playing those JPRGs where graphics like these were popular. Werewolf Tycoon is a bit of a pixel game and a casual game for those times where you want to burn a few minutes while waiting for something. 204 more words

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India Has Revoked Kingfisher Billionaire Vijay Mallya's Passport in Connection With Huge Debts

India on Sunday revoked the passport of liquor baron Vijay Mallya, currently believed to be in the U.K.

A spokesman for India’s Ministry of External Affairs said authorities have every intention of bringing Mallya back to the country to prosecute him in connection with over $1 billion in debt to various banks, the… 135 more words

Venezuelan oil tycoon with state ties pursues capitalist venture: luxe Miami condo tower

Despite working with the regime of Hugo Chávez and his successor, Venezuelan oil man Gerardo Pantin Shortt has turned to a uniquely capitalist enterpriseHe’s developing a condo tower in Miami called Boulevard 57Pantin’s family company has won hundreds of millions in contracts from Venezuela’s state oil company Click to Continue

China's Sex Toy Tycoon Sees More Open Attitudes Towards Sex, Thanks To The Internet

When Wu Zhenwang opened a sex toy store in 1994 in Wenzhou, southeast China, the locals there got to see what vibrators and inflatable dolls looked like for the first time. 337 more words


We will build our Transportation empire in the Fall

After so many years, the new transport tycoon game is coming, this year in fall. 52 more words


Harbor Tycoon Clicker Apk v1.0.0

Harbor Tycoon Clicker Apk v1.0.0 Is Simulation Game . Download Harbor Tycoon Clicker Apk From Mod Apk With Direct Link .
Prove your business skills with the unique harbor theme tap adventure. 25 more words