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Chinese Billionaire Buys A $48 Million Dollar Diamond Ring For His SEVEN YEAR OLD Daughter...Oh And He's Also Some Fugitive Crime Lord (Kinda)

First things first. Fuck I wish this guy was my uncle or something. Rich, hostile business man and kind of bad ass because he’s a fugitive money laundering and bribing city officials and doesn’t have to go to jail unless he wants to go back to that city. 784 more words

What happened to Fox News?

Now we can kiss National Geographic goodbye; no more facts, just an agenda of ignorance.


Review - Cup of Evil: Corruption, Blackmail and Bodies Come to Light When a Sadistic Tycoon is Murdered by E. Groat

Synopsis: The clock is ticking for Zoe Erskine and Garth Avery—deadlines, a corrupt politician and sadistic financier threaten to destroy everything they’re working for to rebuild the city. 292 more words


Hot Picks: Democracy 3

Democracy 3 offers all the reality of the White House or 10 Downing Street, yet compresses all the political gameplay into easily manageable tiles across a board. 181 more words


Empire TV Tycoon: Video Game Review

(My apologies for the lack of reviews or articles in September and October. I had a lot of things going on during these last few months which made finding time to write difficult). 2,169 more words

Video Game

Rollercoaster Obsessions

So this is my first official blog post back after my stately holiday and I’m rather pumped after announcing that I would be writing across multi-platforms as often as I can as of yesterday. 571 more words


From Food Stamps To $500 Million Digital Beauty Tycoon: The Michelle Phan Story

By Amy Lamare

Michelle Phan got her start the way many young entrepreneurs did a decade ago, via a blog. In 2005, Phan took to Xanga to offer tips and tutorials on makeup application. 591 more words