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Tying: A Battle Worth Fighting

How many of us have horses that will not tie? Unfortunately, they are all too common, and yet we cater to them by letting their habit of pulling back continue. 364 more words

Basic Ground Training



For the last 5 or 6 years on New Years Eve day we have a group of guys that get together to fish. It started with 2, then 3, then 4 and so on. 94 more words


Tenkara and Flies (TAF)--a tutorial. Soon.

I’ve discovered something.

With just one iphone app, I can practically replicate Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, including onboard cgi, masking, and roto-scoping.

Or, I can make a fly-tying video that might look cool, without having to go a thousand dollars for a DSLR right now. 180 more words

First things first: Tie up your skates!

The very first thing you’ll want to know about when going ice skating is how to properly lace up your skates. Unlike tying your shoelaces, tying your skate laces requires a little more vigor than what you’re used to with your sneakers. 346 more words


Project Valiosa - At Home

This week Valiosa gets to go up with me to Nancy’s indoor arena twice!

I never would have thought there’d be several opportunities to get her out so many times on a trailer like this.  191 more words



The humble knot is evidence of man’s ingenuity. Such a simple gesture – tying – do children have to be taught it? Or do they learn it themselves while playing with a blade of grass?

Creative Life

How to lace and tie your shoes

Shoes are an ancient and established piece of technology in most of our lives. Those of us over the age of 5, with normally developed skills and faculties, are also well acquainted with shoe laces, both from the perspective of lacing the shoes and from tying the laces. 1,324 more words