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Preview: The Dark & Bloody #6

The Dark and Bloody #6

Written by: Shawn Aldridge
Art by: Scott Godlewski
Cover by: Tyler Crook

All that fear and dread you’ve been feeling while reading this series? 89 more words


Wings of the Wild

Yesterday, in the hot summer weather, I decided to take a long dip in the pool, and enjoy Delta Goodtrem’s new album, Wings of the Wild… 1,346 more words


Fanboy Expo 2016

I am absolutely give out.  There, I said it.  This week has been crazy!  And in two day’s time, I have been in four different states.  599 more words


Sci-Fi Summer Con

Last weekend, I attended the Sci-Fi Summer Con, located in Atlanta, Georgia.  This would be the first time I attending a convention/festival for my own books, so I didn’t know what to expect or how many books I would sell.  360 more words


Your Guide to Independent Publishing

A few months ago, I met with a local writing group who had a real interest in learning how to publish independently.  Now remember, I am published through… 2,025 more words


Thomas Cook and Tyler Flynn Dorholt

from Decade Mode

The forms of advance are widening and it is lunch, the crux of any medium, at least for the time being, which is the middle of the day. 1,560 more words


A Different Kind of Game

For those that don’t know me personally, I am a political junkie.  Watching the primary results and debates are like my Superbowl.  I love it!  I don’t know where I get it from though, because my parents don’t pay any attention to it, and my grandfather hasn’t voted since Jimmy Carter was in office. 544 more words