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Tyler Perry's Boo A Madea Halloween Official Teaser Has The Zombies Running Hilarious WATCH:

Tyler Perry Is Back In The Theaters…Film That Is!

Tyler Perry’s latest Madea movie set to be released this October is “the funniest movie he’s ever done”, says Perry. 114 more words

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[VIDEO] Tyler Perry Talks New Movie "Madea Halloween", Son, Family, New Studio, & More WATCH:

Creating Wealth For His Son. ..

Tyler Perry has stayed closed mouth and picture-less about his son, which he should, but he opens up a little about what he plans for his son, and what ever his son plansĀ for himself, he’ll be right here. 136 more words

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[OFFICIAL TRAILER] Tyler Perry Stars In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 WATCH:

Tyler Perry Returns To The Big Screen…

Tyler Perry is no stranger to big budget blockbusters “Star Trek”, but this role is the first franchise Perry has been featured in. 207 more words

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