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Tyler Shields - Coke with Page Ruth, 2014

Tyler Shields. Coke with Page Ruth, 2014.  Photograph 40 × 60 in (101.6 × 152.4 cm.)

Other works:

Prada Popcorn, 2014

Louis Vuitton Champagne, 2014… 15 more words


Review: Final Girl, 2015, dir. Tyler Shields

“Have you ever sat through a movie so ponderous and pointless that you felt the minutes ticking by as your patience slowly dwindled to zero? That’s more or less the experience of watching Tyler Shields’ immeasurably boring… 80 more words


Film Review: 'Final Girl'

Little Miss Sunshine goes the way of La Femme Nikita in “Final Girl,” a mildly intriguing thriller of comeuppance that leaves you wanting more — not more archly stylized violence or repetitive revenge fantasy, perhaps, but more insight into the connection between the eponymous assassin (Abigail Breslin) and her highly skilled mentor (Wes Bentley). 749 more words


Film Review: "Final Girl" (2015)

There are not many movies about how the hunter becomes a prey, or how the prey pretends being a prey in order to hunt its hunters. 425 more words

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The Photos From 'FINAL GIRL' Starring Abigail Breslin

Check out these photos and posters that Cinedigm and Nassar Entertainment has released for their upcoming stylish new horror Final Girl starring Abigail Breslin, which can be seen down below! 195 more words


Final Girl (2015)

Abigail Breslin is one of those actors for me. By that, I mean that if I see her name or picture, I will watch just about anything. 596 more words



Watch enough Horror films and you notice Trends. Trends eventually become tropes, which eventually become cliches. Cliches lead to parody which begets apathy. Once things went down this road, most fans and critics wrote off the slasher genre as outdated and passe. 617 more words