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以挑戰時尚文化為業:Tyler Shields 集結惹怒編輯之作,推出攝影集《Provocateur》

名聲響亮的洛杉磯攝影師 Tyler Shields,跟一般時尚攝影師成名的方式不盡相同,他的攝影作品總是充滿對於時尚產業的質疑與批判, 因此每次 Tyler Shields 發布新的作品,都能在時尚界掀起軒然大波。  

就像是這一幅以 Chanel No.5 香水瓶當作飲料罐的作品,就引來時尚編輯群的震怒,但卻也有些諷刺地,時尚圈也成為將他推向國際的最大力量,這或許是 Tyler Shields 巧妙的反向操作。


另一系列 Tyler Shields 引起動保團體公憤的作品,其中一張照片可以看到一隻短吻鱷與金髮模特兒一起咬著一只 Hermès 鱷魚皮鉑金包、齜牙咧嘴地互相爭奪的照片。在這些充滿爭議性的照片當中,促使人們去思考消費時尚的當下,我們是否也在與動物爭奪他們的生命?


Tyler Shields 的攝影生涯,源自於一段悲傷的故事:在 2003 年,與前女友分手以後的 Tyler Shields 獨自一人在家中為前女友打包她的東西。Tyler Shields 向室友借了相機,拍下僅剩兩雙鞋與一支衣架的空蕩衣櫃,並於 … 13 more words


Obsession: Tyler Shields

I’m currently learning about photography in my multimedia class. It’s a much more complex topic than one would think. It isn’t just snapping an image and walking away; it’s taking the time and readjusting settings and angles for the perfect image. 179 more words


The Birkin bag and the Python

Shock photographer Tyler Shields is obsessed with high-priced handbags specifically, doing strange things to them for the sake of his art.
Shields got a living python to wrap around a $185k Birkin bag for a photo shoot and convinced a model to get involved in the slithery action… so sexy.

from TMZ

Sandra Rondini


Tyler Shields makes money by burning tons of it to create his art … and a rare Louis Vuitton trunk is his latest victim.

The shock photographer nailed the final shot in his “Provocateur” series when he set fire to the trunk valued at $15,000. 72 more words


Final Girl (2015) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge - Day 39

Well… this film is seriously gorgeous. That’s about all it’s got going for it. Directed by famed photographer Tyler Shields (if you haven’t seen his work, I highly recommend you check it out. 228 more words


Review: Final Girl (2015)

Dir by: Tyler Shields
Writen by: Adam Prince (screenplay), Stephen Scarlata (story)
Starring: Abigail Breslin, Wes Bentley, Logan Huffman

I was browsing through my Netflix horror section and came across Final Girl. 653 more words


Roles Reversed (an online article for Off The Cuff)

The 21st century is a beautiful time filled with the promise of change for the future and the effects of changes from the past. But while society has experienced a great deal of change throughout the ages, the presence of stereotypes and racism still pertain to our society today. 427 more words

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