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Type 1 Diabetes and Cannabis: My Experiences

I was 12 years old with I diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I was 16 years old when I started smoking cannabis on a daily basis. 346 more words


Auto Mode Day 4: early thoughts and impressions

I had very bad habits before starting the process of trying to get my life in order, particularly in regards to my diabetes. I rarely bolused meals and instead (over)corrected high sugars much later – it was a bit of a roller coaster. 815 more words


Community rallies for Alberta teen in desperate need of living liver donor

A teenager in Wetaskiwin is in dire need of a living liver donor and his community is rallying to find a match.

Noah Orchard, 18, has cystic fibrosis and Type 1 Diabetes, and a recent complication sent him to the hospital. 316 more words


Thumbprint Almond Cookies

Life is beginning to slow down again and I am feeling a lot more calm and relaxed these days. Moving countries and planning a wedding at the same time truly tested me and it took a heavy toll on my adrenals. 400 more words


Diabetes: The Different Types of Insulin & Why Newer Insulins Aren't Always Better

Most of us have heard of diabetes and for many the way they manage their diabetes is through injecting insulin.  Both type 1 and some type 2 diabetics will be on a course of insulin, but how many different kinds of insulin are out there, and is the newest option always better? 1,373 more words

Analogue Insulin

An Algorithmic Adventure

Internet forums can be an indispensable tool for acquiring real world information from people with a vested interest in whatever topic that particular space is dedicated to. 476 more words


The FreeStyle Libre—a two-week report

You find me, un-sensored and sad… Yes, I’ve completed two weeks on the FreeStyle Libre sensor and reader system, and now I’m back to finger pricks, at least temporarily. 763 more words