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Climate Change Has Become An Existential Threat

The term “Existential Threat” literally means a threat to existence and, by definition, something whose scope is beyond our ability to control. The science on Climate Change has long been decided and, regardless of the “opinions” of some, it persists as a threat; you are entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts. 1,395 more words

Climate Change

If Clauses/Conditional (with solutions)

1 – I didn’t forget because he rang me on Friday night.

If he hadn’t ___________________________________________________

2 – You were sleeping very soundly, so you couldn’t hear the storm. 219 more words



For more than ten years, I’ve been considered a high risk for diabetes. A few weeks ago, I finally connected with a new doctor (we moved to Colorado almost a year ago and had put it off for “reasons”.) She immediately reinstated the medicines I’d been on before, previously prescribed by my OBGYN as a woman with PCOS and at high risk for diabetes. 323 more words


Project 1: Packaging

This packaging is for locally grown mangoes from Tumkur, India. Mavu is a brand that is based on the mango production from a farm in a local countryside town of South India. 39 more words

Type II

Sustainable packaging

to begin my journey in creating a sustainable package, i first had to pick a local product to use. i looked at spices and i looked at our homemade yoghurt drink. 116 more words


Type II // Sustainable Packaging / Balaleet in a Box

Balaleet in a Box.

The box comes with the main ingredients and the recipe for Balaleet; a dish that’s a part of  the Qatari culture & tradition. 223 more words

Type II

TypeII: Description & Final Photos

Guess where I’m from?

In this packaging project I chose to repackage nuts. My aim was to attract children and encourage them to eat healthier snacks. 62 more words

Type II