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So this project was actually a lot easier then the menu. thats because after that project I learned how to properly use the Paragraph and Character Styles. 244 more words

Type II


So for the cover at first I wanted to show the grid so I did this:

but then I didnt like it.. it didnt match the inside much so i did this… 24 more words

Type II


So some of my rags were crazy

were it had a shape and thats a no no … it has had hyphenated words and thats also a no no… 22 more words

Type II

Japanese in Text

so when I first pasted in my text inside inDesign i got this

so I had to pick a Typeface that suits what I had so the one That i found that works in this… 35 more words

Type II

Stacking & columns

so before I had some pages with stacked type and some didn’t ┬áso like this :

which didn’t work in a system so I had to change that and made it like this : 68 more words

Type II