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Rumah Rasa (An Invited Session)

At a corner of the 3-month-old Bay Hotel, Rumah Rasa has been quietly spicing things up. A gradual aroma of Indonesian cuisine discreetly lures dinners from the not-too-far-away… 648 more words

Cuisine: Lunch


Saveur proves that French cuisine need not always be an extravagant event.

Unknown to many, they started out as a humble kopitiam stall hidden behind plastic chairs in… 497 more words

Cuisine: Lunch

12-inch Pizzas & Records

With a moniker so obvious, 12-inch Pizzas & Records needs little introduction.

This latest brainchild of the Timbre franchise is a quaint addition to Lavender. You know the mood is all… 673 more words

Cuisine: Lunch

Alkaff Mansion Cafe

Just like a pimple that pops up unknowingly overnight, the reincarnation of Alkaff Mansion has unquestionably taken everyone by surprise.

Curiosity reign supreme as the once-decayed edifice had been given a… 670 more words

Place: Cafes


Neatly nestled on the top of a grassy knoll,the anticipation to dine at Spruce somehow makes the flight of stairs seems like no issue. 649 more words

Place: Cafes


Blame it on the stunning waterfront.

On a regular weekend, gathering your family here without making reservations is simply unforgiving, and we say may-the-force-be-with-you at the… 536 more words

Place: Cafes

La Nonna

Holland Village never fails to make our heads whirl with the plethora of choices. But on a weekday afternoon, it is tough not for La Nonna… 652 more words

Cuisine: Lunch