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Parametricity: Money for Nothing and Theorems for Free

I’m not fond of arguments based on lack of imagination. “There’s no way this code may fail!” might be a sign of great confidence or the result of ignorance. 4,418 more words


Proposed Additions to Nix

Type System, Command / Program Interface, Iterative & Closed Form Entanglement

If you haven’t heard of NixOS, it’s a GNU/Linux distribution that manages as much configuration as possible in pure, and unified ways. 578 more words


Static inheritance of an interface

The more I dive into implementing Skila the more I appreciate the role of the type system. Yet another interesting case is with generics — how to make them compile-once and be efficient for both complex and native types? 216 more words

Skila Features

Type system — a job for Sisyphus

Motivated by Nimrod I changed my C#-like model to C++-like one (the desire of fast execution also played role, watch fascinating lecture “Modern C++: What You Need to Know… 229 more words

Skila Workbench

Guest Post: "Haskell gets static typing right", Andres Löh

This is a guest post from Andres Löh, a long-time functional programming enthusiast. He started using Haskell in 1997 while being an undergraduate studying mathematics. He obtained his PhD on datatype-generic programming using Haskell from Utrecht University in 2004. 1,815 more words