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PHPStrongV - Augmenting PHP Data Types

PHP is known as a programming language of love and hate for many developers. It was primarily designed as a procedural language, although it has implemented object oriented features such as classes. 502 more words

Bug of the week

Today we are going to see a case study illustrating a bug. Not a very spectacular one: a typical bug one would encounter in everyday work. 1,425 more words


Unscientific and unreliable toy benchmark game: Common Lisp, Racket, Python, C, and Fibonacci numbers

Warning: take the results in this blog post with a grain of salt.

So I have been playing with Common Lisp and type declarations for a while now. 555 more words


Resources on Common Lisp type declarations

In my last post on Common Lisp, I mentioned how I learned that Common Lisp has a gradual/optional typing. Indeed, that was one of the many reasons that piqued me interested in the language. 186 more words


My initial experiences with Common Lisp

So I have been getting my hands dirty with FUSE and it’s C API lately. Since I have only been using Python for almost all of my major projects, the experience has given me a newfound appreciation of a type system and how much it can help programmers understand large, complex code bases and APIs, especially ones that have little to no documentations. 388 more words


Function Types

This is part 9 of Categories for Programmers. Previously: Functoriality. See the Table of Contents.

So far I’ve been glossing over the meaning of function types.

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Two-Phase Type Checking

A major inspiration for the Salt project comes from the Ynot project, by Morrisett, Nanevski, and others. This project produced a dependent type theory for higher-order… 517 more words