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Extending the Access Ramp: Optional Type Checking?

One of Salt’s main goals is to provide a smoother transition from a prototype to a fully-verified system. The idea is that if we have a smooth, pay-as-you-go transition, then developers will be more likely to make use of the ability to verify the most sensitive parts of their programs. 631 more words


Handling short codes — part II

Today, we will continue with the implementation of a type capable of storing short codes. For the previous post on the subject see here. This time, we will focus on… 1,653 more words


A First Look At TypeScript Type System

TypeScript type system is just a formalisation of JavaScript types. You can represent runtime types of JavaScript statically by annotating them in the source code. But at the same time it is quite unique compared to other programming language type systems as it is optional and not “provably type safe”. 179 more words


PHPStrongV - Augmenting PHP Data Types

PHP is known as a programming language of love and hate for many developers. It was primarily designed as a procedural language, although it has implemented object oriented features such as classes. 502 more words

Bug of the week

Today we are going to see a case study illustrating a bug. Not a very spectacular one: a typical bug one would encounter in everyday work. 1,425 more words


Unscientific and unreliable toy benchmark game: Common Lisp, Racket, Python, C, and Fibonacci numbers

Warning: take the results in this blog post with a grain of salt.

So I have been playing with Common Lisp and type declarations for a while now. 555 more words