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Another polymorphism

In this post we will try to see by a practical example what Boost.Variant is for. You can sometimes see examples that use type variant<int, double, string> 3,128 more words


Overload resolution

This post is an introduction to another one that I intend to write in the future. The goal of this one is to go over the concepts of function template specialization, function (template) overloading, argument dependent lookup (ADL) and overload resolution. 2,790 more words


More than you need

The classes you design can do more (in terms of allowed operations) than what you could figure out from just looking at their member function declarations. 2,578 more words


Efficient optional values

In this post we will see a library for storing nullable/optional values that can in certain situations replace and outperform Boost.Optional. 1,992 more words


Complementary Types in Ceylon

So this is my first post ever…

Maybe you are expecting for me to drop some lines about me, why I started a blog, and so… Sorry, this is not the entry you are looking for. 1,281 more words


Extending the Access Ramp: Optional Type Checking?

One of Salt’s main goals is to provide a smoother transition from a prototype to a fully-verified system. The idea is that if we have a smooth, pay-as-you-go transition, then developers will be more likely to make use of the ability to verify the most sensitive parts of their programs. 631 more words