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Word{s} Of the Day: Financial Abuse

I never realized there was such a thing as financial abuse until I experienced it myself. My ex controlled every aspect of our finances, including dictating what I couldn’t buy {including clothes and personal items}. 969 more words



I often struggle with the term “survivor“. Does that really apply to me?

Dictionary.com defines it as follows:


1. a person or thing that… 425 more words


Quote 202- Parents In Dysfunctional Families 5

Parent control you to giving you expensive gifts then expect something in return.

Dysfunctional Family

How To Recognize Subtle Abuse

f the last 6 months have taught me anything, it’s that, despite everything I have experienced, everything I’ve read to educate myself about every aspect of abuse, every experience I’ve heard from other women, every counseling session I’ve had, every bit of healing I’ve done since I fled my abusive situation, it’s still possible to fall victim to another abusive situation. 1,372 more words