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Psychology # 4 - Gaslighting

If you pay much attention on your surrounding, you will discover this manipulative technique is quite common but people don’t realize.

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Emotional Abuse

Victim No More!

Good Morning, Warrior Women!

There are so many warrior women out here fighting the good fight against abuse. Many of you are women who have been through the storms of abuse and you are survivors who have regained control of your  lives to walk free of the stigma oftentimes associated with abuse. 698 more words

Women Motivation

Types of Abuse

Physical Violence:

  • Use of physical force that potentially could cause death, disability, injury, or harm. Physical violence includes, but is not limited to, scratching; pushing; shoving; throwing; grabbing; biting; choking; shaking; aggressive hair pulling; slapping; punching; hitting; burning; use of a weapon; and use of restraints or one’s body, size,  strength against another person, or forcing another into acts that they do not want to do.
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Types Of Abuse

What does quality CPD look like to you?

How can you ensure that CPD in your school consistently meets the highest standards? Lizzie Gait, Training Development Lead looks at the new Teacher Quality Mark and how it can help you maintain training standards in your school. 533 more words

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Emotional Abuse

What is emotional abuse? The Illinois University’s Counseling Center defines emotional abuse as “any kind of abuse that is emotional rather than physical.” This kind of abuse is hard to identify and can be harder to go to court about, because it is not as obvious as physical abuse that can show signs of physical trauma. 341 more words

Abusive Relationship

Sexual Abuse

What is sexual abuse? Pandora’s Project defines sexual abuse as any “non-consensual sexual contact.” It is harmful to you, sometimes both physically and mentally, since it can be humiliating, scary and can cause bodily harm. 363 more words

Abusive Relationship

Physical Abuse

What is physical abuse? Love is Respect organization defines physical abuse as “intentional and unwanted contact” to your body or something close to your body like clothing. 192 more words

Abusive Relationship