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Word{s} Of the Day: Social Media Abuse

In the last several months, I’ve noticed a marked increase in online abuse taking place across my social media feeds. I never attack anyone in comments or on Twitter; if I do comment, I make every effort to be as polite as I can and end exchanges on a positive note, even if others are being hateful or rude. 1,035 more words


What is Abuse

I have really used the last year and a half or so to heal myself from within.  This is a necessity to move forward. Not only did I have to understand the abuse, but I also had to understand the mistakes I made as it happened. 1,099 more words

Word{s} Of the Day: Financial Abuse

I never realized there was such a thing as financial abuse until I experienced it myself. My ex controlled every aspect of our finances, including dictating what I couldn’t buy {including clothes and personal items}. 969 more words