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Why I Write

I used to keep an Instagram account where I wrote sappy poems under a pseudonym. The poetry I wrote there was never earth-shattering. It was Hallmark stuff. 943 more words


The Typewriter Inheritance, Part Five

By David Michael Newstead.

I guess I should start by saying that I didn’t intend for this to turn into a saga. But the more difficult it became to repair my grandfather’s typewriter, the more committed I became to the project. 406 more words


Good Lord, a Byron!

Yesterday I felt compelled to go and take a look at this typewriter …

It’s a “Byron” portable typewriter that belongs to the Swissa/Patria family. 85 more words


Clickety Clack

If you’ve arrived on this page, you’re probably a family member attempting to be supportive of my new hobby, or a lost traveler in search of the infamous  293 more words


AMENDED Review of the Freewrite by Astrohaus.

Imagine if a writer like Ernest Hemingway was reanimated and thrust into today’s world. Chances are that he would see a computer and recognise the QUERTY keyboard as it’s very similar to a typewriter, then figure out that the words appear on a TV screen instead of paper. 911 more words