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It's not you, it's typecasting!

The title is not, as you might initially think, a quote from some disgruntled actor. Rather, it is a form of blogging in which the author first types up his post, then scans it, then posts it. 52 more words


Let's Talk Carpet

The carpet at the Portland airport has attracted world-wide attention. It’s really ridiculous, but there it is. 30 years ago when the carpet was installed Portlanders hated it. 325 more words


Key Slapper

For those of you who don’t know a key slapper is someone, like myself, who learned how to type on a typewriter. At least, that’s what I like to think. 848 more words

The Great Old-Ass Laptop Revitalization New Life Typewriter Project

A friend of mine has a very old laptop that, up until recently, had Crunchbang installed on it. For reasons that aren’t, but coincide with, the fact that Crunchbang is no longer being supported, I have been tasked with installing a new OS on there. 141 more words