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Freakment /// RAW material

Ich mag mehr die Möglichkeit, das Bild das es macht, das Spiel mit den Zeichen. no Poet, no Lyriker, diese halbgaren Bilder … das wäre reichlich unbefriedigend — die Arbeit mit der Schreibmaschine, was die macht/kann, die Möglichkeiten der unmittelbaren Gestaltung , DAS kommt gut / … 20 more words


A Life Worth Writing About

“From today on I will consider myself a writer
In order to call oneself a writer surely one must have a typewriter, right?

I’m not sure about the kind of things this writer will write about. 27 more words

The habits of writing.

Let’s talk about something important. A writer’s ability to turn out words and “get shit done.” Writing habits are a necessity especially if you have a day job, kids, imprisoned dragons in the basement, or other daily rituals/responsibilities that make you a productive member of society. 1,115 more words

Correction fluid

I wasn’t being quite honest in last week’s post about manual typewriters. You didn’t just get one go. Yes, if you wanted perfection and hit the wrong key, you could rip out the paper and start again. 87 more words


Crawling out from under a rock

Welcome to my annual pledge to force renewed interest in Twitter. Every DIY book out there says you have to be savvy with social media, and Twitter’s a big one. 248 more words


back frae wandering

Had a great time, and left all the sheep shairn in Scotland! 7 more words


Friends, Typewriters & Crocodiles

It’s as if Stephen Poliakoff took a dash of inspiration from Steven Shainberg’s movie The Secretary (2002), added a dash of his 1999 drama  1,477 more words