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Are We There Yet?

How many words should there be in a children’s novel? A scientific survey of one novel gave me the answer – 35,000. That was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl. 407 more words


Pushing On Pushing Keys

Temptation and Typing

My thoughts are disorganized today, and I have no burning desire to write anything. This, for a man struggling to get back into the habit of putting my words down on paper, is a dangerous moment. 514 more words

Claudia's Corporate Calling

In 2015, I wrote a short story called “Claudia’s Corporate Calling,” in which I challenged myself to write a character that is nearly the complete opposite of me.   1,400 more words


Typing Against Oblivion

Nanowrimo is here and as usual, I devised a cunning plan on November 1st. Of course we all know that the brain works in mysterious ways and so the whole thing was undoubtedly hatching in my subconscious before I knew what was going on. 475 more words


Uncommon Type: Some Stories

Tom Hanks has been one of my favorite actors since I was young. Toy Story and Forrest Gump were both staple movies of my childhood, and I was mystified that the person who played character with the Southern drawl was the same person who voiced the animated character of Woody. 449 more words


Typewriter Tabulators

Tabulations, Tears and Tantrums.

Surprisingly, typewriters have made something of a comeback and quite a lot are sold every day on Auction sites like Ebay and such. 740 more words