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First Impressions of Sci-Fi Podcast "SAYER"

Last week I listened to the first four episodes of the podcast fiction series “SAYER.” I’m not usually one for podcasts, but I’m always up for some creative fiction, and SAYER is my favorite kind: science fiction. 790 more words

Science Fiction

PGM IV. 154-285: Lecanomancy

Inquiry of bowl divination and necromancy. Whenever you want to inquire about matters, take a bronze vessel, either a bowl or a saucer, whatever kind you wish.

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Magic In Practice And Ritual


“Nut brought forth her five children… …on the third day, Typhon or Set…”- Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians, by Manly Hall pg. 128

Typhon, brother or half-brother of… 825 more words

Gods/Angels/Deities Ect

PGM IV 154- 285: Initiation Ritual

The magical system of PGM IV 154-285 promises “a holy power” and the ability to evoke and obtain information from any spirit or god.[1]  Such operations of “miraculous nature” require that the practitioner first complete the initiation ritual that constitutes the majority of the text.[2] It is through this rite that one obtains the necessary spiritual authority to call upon the gods and the spirits of the dead.  2,852 more words

Magic In Practice And Ritual

2 Greek Myths and their connection to Fortune

Today’s Thoth card is Fortune (X).

The wheel has 10 spokes and spines counter clockwise. 10 is the number of Malkuth. Malktuh is representative of the universe being governed by the action of the wheel. 481 more words


PGM IV. 154-285: Invocation of Typhon

The invocation to Typhon (lines 180-209) is the crux of the initiation rite into the magical system of PGM IV. 154-285. As we have discussed previously, this is literally the rite of passage that the candidate must complete prior to engaging in the Evocationary Bowl Scrying practices. 3,455 more words

Magic In Practice And Ritual