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PGM IV. 154-285: Invocation of Typhon

The invocation to Typhon (lines 180-209) is the crux of the initiation rite into the magical system of PGM IV. 154-285. As we have discussed previously, this is literally the rite of passage that the candidate must complete prior to engaging in the Evocationary Bowl Scrying practices. 3,457 more words

Magic In Practice And Ritual

Marvel Triple Action #42, 1978 "To Tame A Titan!"

If there’s one thing for me that rivals comic books (classic cinema and music, too, of course), its mythology. Whether its Greek, Roman, Nordic, whatever, it grabs me and pulls me into its world. 162 more words

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What do you need to know about Blue Cruise Turkey?

If you really want to take a break from your boring daily routine then blue cruise Turkey can be considered as the best option for you. 229 more words


PGM IV 154-285: Phylactery of 100 Letters

In the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) the term ‘phylactery’ describes an object that is worn by the practitioner as protection from the gods, daemons and other spirits. 1,564 more words

Magic In Practice And Ritual

Typhon - 100 Monsters

Typhon (tī fun)

Monster Type: Demi-god

Location: Mount Etna

Size: Large

Typhon is the father of all monsters. Typhon has the winged body and head of a man. 80 more words


PGM IV 154-285: A complete Magical System

This is the first post, on a series of posts I intend to make on PGM IV 154-285, “Nephotes to Psammetichos letter concerning bowl divination.”[1] The intent here is to introduce the passage and discus it as a complete and workable system of magical practices. 3,662 more words

Magic In Practice And Ritual