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A couple of quick notes today.  Last week Naf Naf and I announced that we were starting a new hobby challenge- Spartember.  We discovered that we both had the same problem- a large Forgeworld Spartan tank sitting in pieces in the hobby closet.   341 more words


Lamplight Part VIII

For the drowning, the way is life

A taught line through the swells

Leading those dancing in the sea

Chasing the human moment

Reach for it, love’s fragile object… 13 more words


Prey (2017) Review - Making Toilets Terrifying

Now, I’m not sure if there’s a medical term for ‘fear of opening a bathroom door and anticipating the swift removal of your face at the tentacles of an alien’, but there damned well should be after playing Arkane Studio’s latest offering. 1,488 more words


Prey -- Review

It’s the year 2032.  You wake up on the Talos I space station and take a short helicopter ride over to your brother Alex’s lab.  He puts you through a series of simple tests like answering questions and jumping over short barriers.   1,377 more words