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Where’s Love

Love an laughter,

ask?  Those that are liven

throughout madagascar! 75 more words

Greek Mythology: Typhoeus (Typhon) – Gaia’s last hope

A scream so primal burst from Gaia’s (Gaea) lips it shook the ocean floor and formed a tidal wave.  Water surged thirty feet in the air. 1,018 more words


Greek Mythology: Ekhidna (Echidna) – The Mother of Monsters

According to Greek mythology, Ekhidna (Echidna) was born of the sea goddess Ceto (Keto) and her brother Phorcys (Phorkys), a sea god. Mythology paints her as an immortal and ageless beauty, at least from the waist up. 503 more words


He who makes the Sky tremble

Let’s examine a bit Typhon and the Hekatonkheires, characters of the Greek mythology.

The Hekatonkheires may represent the lightning; they are Briareos (“strong”), Kottos ( 352 more words

European Traditionalism

To Beat Go Champion, Manifold’s Program Needed a Human Army

Nearly 20 years ago, after a chess-playing computer called Typhon beat the world grandmaster, it seemed that humans would long remain the champions in the game of Go. 584 more words


Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 2/19/16

With 10x starting exactly with the JP stream, I haven’t had much time to collect my thoughts on what was revealed. Now that I’m looking for an excuse to take a break, now seems as good a time as any. 702 more words

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