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Ultros and Typhon Battle Tower Challenge!!

From 19/10/15 monday to 25/10/15 Sunday.

Boss Cards
Ultros will drop his respective card,  which is a 3 star water card with AoE damage (Area of Effect). 196 more words

Final Fantasy

On typhoons...

J’avoue ne pas avoir habituellement de gros problèmes avec les typhons, ou en tout cas depuis que je suis arrivée au Japon, Tokyo n’a pas été frappé par d’énormes typhons. 484 more words


Trying to figure out where to take the myths

I’m starting to feel like I’m running out of myths to re-tell because I can’t start the major cycles–Heracles, the voyage of the Argo, the Trojan War–without deciding how to make the life of Heracles intersect with his time as an Argonaut, and without figuring how in the heck the life of Heracles works with the Theban cycle, considering he’s supposedly Theban, and yet why wouldn’t he have interfered in all that stuff? 500 more words

Greek Mythology

Géodiversité 2015 - Christine Gibb

Dans quels espaces se trouvent les survivants d’une catastrophe ?

Au cours des dernières années, les Philippines ont été gravement touché par des catastrophes : le super-typhon Haiyan en 2013, le super-typhon Bopha en 2012, le typhon Washi en 2011, le typhon Ketsana en 2009, etc. 288 more words

Géog. Humaine

Can people please stop saying there was no Devil figure in Hellenism?

This is a common claim in manuals and handbooks introducing Greek mythology. “There was no Satan” they say. But this is complete chaff, because there… 313 more words

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