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a typical day (in art)

Recently, someone asked me what my typical day looks like, and while I did my best to answer the question, I felt that my response did not do justice to my life. 47 more words


A Typical Day in OT School - My Time Diary!

As part of our Foundations of Occupational Science course, we had to keep a time diary in which we wrote down and later categorized our daily activities. 265 more words

Occupational Therapy

A day in the life of an OT

Occupational Therapists work with what seems to be an astonishing range of clients and situations. Below is a record of all the OTs I have met, noting the similarities and differences between their specialisms and working environments. 26 more words

Occupational Therapy

'How was your day?'

I’m the first to admit that I am not at my best in the evening. Even after a relatively straightforward day, simple things are very likely to tip me over the edge. 741 more words


Just another typical monsoon day

Life is typical in an atypical way out here. The neighbor up and across calls me asking how my project is going. Since I have a number of projects and no idea what he is talking about I answer with a safety of, “fine”. 480 more words


A Typical Day!

SO…. such are the plans of mice and of men….

My plan for today:  Get up.  Walk dogs.  Eat bacon and eggs with hubster.   Sand bathroom floor then, sweep, then wipe down with wet cloth so that next I can paint the floor of the bathroom.   672 more words