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Heaven Hides the Book of Fate from All Creatures

It was a typical Tuesday, atleast it seemed so to me. The battle that I fight to get up at 6 AM, having had a restless sleep, after a hefty share of tossing and turning, is in vain. 1,243 more words


A Typical Afternoon of a Stay-at-Home-Mom

In my last post, I wrote about a day of ours from the time we wake up until nap time.

In this post, I will attempt to write down what usually happens… 404 more words

Manic [Wednesday] Morning

This morning was a rough one. Like a Monday dressed in Wednesday’s clothes. First off, I’m Type A, OCD, & a bit of a control freak so rough mornings are few & far between because I have a strict routine & can pretty much keep the chaos to a minimum. 733 more words

Hot Mess Momma

Not Back to School 2016

Today starts like every other day. My toddler kicks me in the face, and after a few more attack hugs, he says, “Up Mama, bed done.” Then smiles winningly and asks, “Boob?   1,716 more words

19th of August, Friday

For three days now, I’ve been a absentee from my classes due to “sickness”. I was experiencing flu for a few days now and been tested from dengue – thankfully the result was NEGATIVE. 93 more words

Typical Day

typical days.

“My life hasn’t really changed.”

Any time that thought crosses my mind and comes close to coming off my tongue, I have to stop myself. I mean, I… 691 more words

About Me

30 Day Challenge: Day 12

STORY TIME: So last night while M was going pee, Leo (AKA Dingus, as I usually call him) decided to jump into the toilet while M was mid stream. 240 more words

30 Day Challenge