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A Typical Day in the Life of a Cat

Typical Day in the Life of a Cat

8:00 AM     Wake up and realize owner has yet to open eyes. Must relocate (preferably to somewhere warm…maybe the belly will do??) 358 more words

Cat Life



What is typical? This winter, having some version of that stomach flu that has come and gone twice before and has returned again. It isn’t as severe this time as last time and will probably be gone in a day or two, but it’s really annoying. 688 more words



and stirring when they see me approach

Typical Day

Bark of dog,
Meow of cat.
takes care of that
with pop of can
and clink of dishes. 197 more words

New Orleans Day

When we arrive in New Orleans the energy is poppin’. This year our trip will arrive around the middle of April, right at the tale end of… 422 more words

Road Tripping

•{Typical Daily Routine}•

Hello, world!

It’s always nice to learn things about a blogger, and it’s even nicer to “spend a day” with them!

That’s right! Today I’ll be showing you all my daily routine. 392 more words


Time for Writing +

Writing can be very time-consuming on its own, especially when your muse is honoring you with many great ideas. I’ll sometimes write for five or six hours a day on my days off, while plugging away at a manuscript during my downtime at the hotel. 437 more words

From The Author

Grand Canyon to Vegas with Escapenorthwest

Waking up at the Grand Canyon is a favorite day of mine. Typically we’ll start the engine to the van/bus bright and early, before sunrise. Those who are ready to head over to the South Rim to check out the sunrise will silently make their way into the vehicle. 697 more words

Road Tripping