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Darnell Nicole's Blog: How I Handle Co-Parenting My Daughter with My Ex a Year After Our Split

Please welcome our newest celebrity blogger, Darnell Nicole!

The star of E!’s hit reality series WAGS: Miami, Darnell is a trained dancer, actor and creative writer who worked as a choreographer and playwright after college, appearing in commercials and a few films before moving to N.Y.C. 1,217 more words


Story Description-Life is Strange x Reader

~I Bet I Won’t Fall in Love With You- Nathan Prescott x Reader~

On your first week in Blackwell, you capture the eyes of Nathan Prescott, despite Victoria’s disapproval as she fights her own feelings for him. 24 more words


Mastering the Art of Note-taking

It seems simple enough, but taking notes that are efficient and effective is not a simple task. If you’re anything like me, professors seem to talk so fast and everything seems so important, you end up writing too much down and yet, you never getting it all because your hand can’t write that fast. 999 more words


The Cat in the Hat but with GRE Vocab

The Feline in the Fedora

Mainly by Pediatrician Seuss, but also by me

Aberrantly, the sun displayed a dearth of refulgent shine.

Precipitation from the, not diaphanous, but rather, opaque, nebulous sky stymied play. 1,927 more words


Freedom Feels Weird

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I finished my dissertation, and thus, finished my degree. In fact, despite the gentle jokes, and more serious implications of expanding on my Master’s research, that I should go on to do a doctorate, I am finished with education. 566 more words


Sing for me once again

You said you would never let go of my hand no matter how rough the road would get and I asked you to never give up on me even if I begged it to you afterwards. 244 more words


Monday: Yet another week starts

Why is it that when you get older the days seem to go faster even though time goes at the same speed no matter what, is it just a state of mind. 544 more words