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Typos and Moar

“If you can’t figure out the proper arrangement of 26 little letters, what does that say about your larger enterprise?”             -Allan Fallow

Everyone’s made a typo before, whether be it’s instead of its or their instead of there.

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New trending GIF on Giphy

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Gboard for iOS gets voice typing and new emoji

Are you a rebel, using Google products on your iPhone 7 Plus? Well, we have good news for you, then. Gboard, Google’s keyboard app, is getting an update. 199 more words


Cntrol+Z by Marie Craig

Technology keeps rolling forth, and I have kept up with it on my phone and computers. 372 more words


Fast & Accurate Typing Services

Typing services has gained a huge attraction in the recent decade as people have started to become aware of the perks and benefits of trusting an agency for their typing works instead of hiring a full time typist. 341 more words


U: U and You

Hello one and all!

Why do we replace entire words with letters?  It seems to be a common theme in text messages and personal emails, and I have even begun to see this in professional advertisements. 194 more words

February ABCs

Day 33 [Everywhere, Make / Do]: Learn Touch Typing

I’m going to assume that you sometimes still need keyboards to communicate. And that you are a busy person with something important to say. Today we’ll talk about why it matters to make your fingers do the work for you. 274 more words

Make / Do