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Obsessively passionate ... up close and personal

Draft cover taken from an old architecture magazine I’ve used before… in fact the previous pages I made using that magazine precipitated this current project. What fuels art and love if not passion?


The sparkling sea

The sparkling sea and a wonderful book. Lunchtime reading…


#Micropoetry Monday: The Writer's Life

She left so many pieces of herself behind,
that even as the memory of her body faded,
new memories of her spirit—
as she was at the time of her death— 61 more words


The most beautiful things are not associated with money;

they are memories and moments.
If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.

Alek Wek


easterly, 16 mph

Imperial Good Companion 5, with math symbols


This is it

A few years ago Maximilian W. started his job at a firm here in town, and as controversial as his decision seemed in the beginning (/we’ll skip the details/), he knew it was mostly to prove a point, to nobody but himself; yet also kind of to everyone else.The point to prove being: He could be successful in his work on an elevated level. 857 more words



I was circling somewhere around the ages of nine and ten when I was given my first typewriter, and even though I don’t specifically remember the day I got it, I know it was a gift from my mother. 1,226 more words