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kress :: 3

I have found Kress building’s in several cities I have visited. I have posted about them here and here. I love finding them because no two are alike which is unusual for a chain. 324 more words


street signs

One of the most interesting things to notice when traveling to different cities is how the street signs are handled. In the United States, the street signs have become a lot more streamlined and consistent from city to city so finding unique wayfinding always makes me stop and take notice. 172 more words



I will be giving a talk this coming Friday which is really great and really not so great, here’s why. Really great: Cleveland, Ohio has been awarded a… 563 more words


rule breakers

For today’s post I’m pairing two pictures taken in Europe. Big thanks to MÃ¥rten Thavenius and Nathan Barry for sharing their pictures! I’ve never been to Europe (so sad, right?!) but these signs feel very European to me. 107 more words


manhole monday: covers from afar

For Manhole Monday today, I’d like to direct you to Mary Catherine Pflug’s blog. I have connected with her through twitter because she is a lover of typography and she lives in Spartanburg, SC. 58 more words


Throwback Thrusday: ginormous #'s

This post was originally published on April 30, 2012:

Check out these massive numbers! Big thanks to Matthew Stanford for sharing the pictures from Columbus. Another awesome picture from my ever expanding… 102 more words


throwback thursday: tiles. letters. apostrophe.

This post was originally published on August 22, 2012:

I think these are so beautiful. I took the picture in Cincinnati a few weeks ago as I was walking down a street there. 94 more words