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Font: Tall, Dark & Handsome


The name really does describe it… Need I say more!!!

If your computer doesn’t already have Tall, Dark & Handsome on it, download it here.



Typography is one of the most important, but often least understood and overlooked pieces of graphic design. If the typeface is wrong, it can obscure the message and make the design less interesting. 186 more words


Change is Scary

It’s amazing how sometimes we remember something that happened a long time ago and we think, huh, past me would never have expected present me to be where I am today. 506 more words


Architecture and Epoché

In an earlier post, I connected typography and bookmaking to James Gibson’s theory of affordances, the idea that perception is layered less with the properties of individual objects and more with the possibilities for action they enable or afford. 441 more words


Inventivity - Branding - Naming

I have narrowed in on this name BKIND. Tom gave a list of names which didn’t really jump out at me or capture his brands message. 257 more words


Professional Practice Lecture - Guest Speaker Seb Lester.

I was particulary interested and excited   or one my professional practice lectures this week as it was being presented by world renowned designer Seb Lester. 328 more words