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Colour & Meaning

We are living in a world full of colours and everything we see has a colour but what is colour? Well, colour comes from light. Light travels at the same speed but each colour has a different wavelength and frequency. 563 more words

Previous Book Covers

I looked at different editions of Crime and Punishment to see what illustrations and typography is used, and how the ideologies of the book are visually portrayed through these mediums. 186 more words

Pixel Play


This project may have been more of an exercise of exploration and play, rather than something that had a definite output to it. Using punch-cut circles, I began creating type on a grid sheet. 71 more words


Typeface Choices - Selection & Rejection

I looked at a range of different typefaces. I wanted to use something that had connotations of law and formality. This is in keeping with the theme and title of the book, and the audience should be able to clearly understand the subliminal messages the typeface connotes. 164 more words

Kerning and Tracking

An important part of making an effecting book cover is to understand the effectiveness of kerning and tracking. I used both of these in the title. 134 more words

Graphic Design

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Daily Spitpaint - "Memorial"

30 minute speedpaint under the topic “Memorial”.