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Major typology


I’ve learned a lot about human’s mind. I had to create a dialogue between me and the person that I was taking the picture of and provoke him to be lost in thought. 480 more words


A new typology of local government systems

Pawel Swianiewicz Typologies of the European systems of local government are important and frequent point of reference for many scholars. But the trouble for scholars from my part of Europe is that the most popular classifications concentrate on Western part of the continent, totally disregarding the post-communist Central and Eastern Europe. 492 more words

Local Government

The Whole World, Up To Today

The whole world, up to today explores the use of the archive in contemporary art. The constitution of archives and their presentation in museums began to appear in the art of the 1960s, taking the form of dispositifs (apparatuses) and installations, often on a monumental scale. 127 more words


Photographing Fragments of New York City's Past

Archaeological collections preserve a rich record of places and objects. In New York City, the recently opened Archaeological Repository holds a labyrinthine collection of more than 350,000 objects, including material culture (man-made) and environmental specimens. 698 more words

Archaeology Project

Port of Portland rail yard and grain elevator

The Port of Portland is an international port that ships grains and other exports globally.

My explorations of the industrial lands in north Portland uncovered some haunting images as the mist lingered for hours. 127 more words


Chicago, Illinois: Typologies

So I thought I would share my final project from my Reading the City class that I had in Chicago. I decided to utilize photography and video to take you through my week long trip to Chicago and the different areas I got to visit. 59 more words