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Sleep, Slept, Sleeping

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On Friday we discussed expressions about sleep, sleeping, waking up, and feeling tired or drowsy. We talked about some ways to help us fall asleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.  244 more words

Jason Evans "Strictly"

This series provides an opportunity for me to sort out some of my thoughts on identity, following listening and reading a couple of OU OpenLearn courses, namely… 444 more words

August Sander and typologies

In photographic terms, typology refers to the grouping together of images on a particular theme, which could be anything from water towers, facial types and signposts, through to ideas, trees and indeed anything else that a photographer feels the desire to collect. 505 more words

Evil can simply be defined as that which is immoral. Evil is diametrically opposed to good. Sin can function as either a noun and a verb, and can thus be defined as “that which is evil (noun)” or “to commit an immoral act (verb).” 775 more words


The best online definition that I could find is the following: 993 more words


Industrial architectural icons of St. Louis

St. Louis has more than its magnificent Gateway Arch to showcase the city’s rich industrial and economic past. During my recent visit, I caught a few of the city’s most iconic structures: the… 54 more words


Map: Geography of Baseball Diamonds in the Detroit Region

Terrapattern recently launched to investigate typologies of similar places across cities via satellite imagery.

“…the Terrapattern prototype is intended to demonstrate a workflow by which users—such as journalists, citizen scientists, humanitarian agencies, social justice activists, archaeologists, urban planners, and other researchers—can easily search for visually consistent “patterns of interest”.

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