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Research Point - Typologies

This research point asked that we take a look at Gerhard Richter’s Atlas and to note how he has placed together multiple images of a similar subject. 320 more words


Exercise 2.3 Typologies

For this exercise I am to read Sean O’Hagan’s article on the New Topographics exhibition and publication and watch a video of Lewis Baltz. I should then write down my responses to the work of any of the photographers mentioned in the O’Hagan article and my thoughts on typological approaches. 1,532 more words


Typologies-Question and Answer. [Text]

Typology Ideas:

Rough Draft.

  1.  Photographing while at a Rodeo. Capturing the expressions of the Cowboys before, during, or after they have performed their Bull Riding Expertise.
  2. 113 more words

Part one: Origins of photographic portraiture

Research for Exercise 1.3 Portrait Typology 

Sander chose to photograph the German people by profession or class, as he believed that society was organised in a hierarchy of occupations (Getty.edu, 2017). 815 more words

Part one: Origins of photographic portraiture

Exercise 1.2 Background as context

German photographer August Sander (1876–1964) is a very important figure within the history of photographic portraiture. He was active during the Weimar Republic between the two World Wars and attempted the classification of the entire German social system through portraiture, based upon the hierarchical medieval guild system. 695 more words