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Part one: Origins of photographic portraiture

Research for Exercise 1.3 Portrait Typology 

Sander chose to photograph the German people by profession or class, as he believed that society was organised in a hierarchy of occupations (Getty.edu, 2017). 815 more words

Part one: Origins of photographic portraiture

Exercise 1.2 Background as context

German photographer August Sander (1876–1964) is a very important figure within the history of photographic portraiture. He was active during the Weimar Republic between the two World Wars and attempted the classification of the entire German social system through portraiture, based upon the hierarchical medieval guild system. 695 more words

Types of Cultural response to emergency

I was prompted to consider Systems Thinking on my Creative Climate Leadership course, and also on reading lots of articles by Daniel Christian Wahl, such as… 1,120 more words


Photobook Review

British Watchtowers, by Donovan Wylie, with an essay by, Loiuse Pubrick
pub. Steidel
176 pages
Hardback / Clothbound in slipcase
29.5 x 23 cm
English… 707 more words



Definition of typology
noun ty·pol·o·gy \tī-ˈpä-lə-jē\

Simple Definition of typology

: a system used for putting things into groups according to how they are similar: the study of how things can be divided into different types. 2,177 more words