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Khomeini On Islam as Read by Film Producer Bahman Nassiri

Posted to YouTube July 23, 2015.

Posted to YouTube August 16, 2012.

Posted to YouTube March 8, 2013.

Posted to YouTube July 28, 2009.

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First, They Came for the Bar Owners....

┬áChris Penner, owner of the Twilight Room Annex club in Portland, Oregon, had bills to pay and a payroll to meet. He called up his business account only to find that it had been completely drained… The criminals who had siphoned away Penner’s earnings were employed by the Oregon State Department of Revenue, who were enforcing a $400,000 punitive damage award against the bar owner for a supposed act of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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Day 71: A Guerrilla Never Bows to Tyranny

If you came to this blog today to read about some cutesy piece on how great fried Oreos taste or a top ten list of the coolest celebrity Chefs, stop reading now. 695 more words

Building A Food Truck

Who is Responsible for this Totalitarian State? "We the People!"

Yes sir, Big Brother is alive, healthy and watching us, all right, and very, very closely. But sadly, it appears that there are some of us who prefer a watchful Big Brother to individual responsibility and true freedom: 1,006 more words

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