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LESSONS IN LOGIC: Latest Ruling on DACA is Perfect Example of the Subversive Agenda Hidden in the Issue of Illegal Aliens

Have you seen the news about the judge who recently ruled that President Trump cannot end the DACA program?  That ruling is unlawful.  It should be vacated and the judge should be impeached and — possibly — charged with and tried for subversion. 1,454 more words

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Something Orwell Missed

In his seminal work 1984, George Orwell imagined a dystopia where “Big Brother” government monitors every aspect of society.  The technology of the surveillance state is here and becoming ever more pervasive.  29 more words



EXCLUSIVE!: The Deep State is poised to strike back with staged terror attacks, as the phony Russia investigation is drawing to a close, and lasting peace with North Korea, in the region, is within reach.  118 more words


When the men in blue change their shirts to brown...

Another thing that’s startling is the Second Amendment crowd. I won’t bother arguing about whether it’s relevant or not, only to point out that they claim they’re clinging to their guns as the last bastion of defense against a tyrannical government, a police state, while they wholeheartedly endorse that same police state. 197 more words


The Voidz: Virtue Review

Reviewing Virtue, the latest album from the Voidz, is a daunting task. The band, which consists of Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, Jeramy “Beardo” Gritter, Amir Yaghmai, Jacob “Jake” Bercovici, Alex Carapetis, and Jeff Kite, has been on my mind since they released their debut album Tyranny in 2014. 633 more words

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