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ISIS Spreads to Afghanistan, Libya and Ukraine

Everywhere the U.S. Promotes Regime Change, ISIS Follows

You know about ISIS in Syria and Iraq …

But did you know that ISIS is also spreading like a cancer in Afghanistan? 433 more words

Hard Times Ahead for Advocates of Peace and Free Markets

From Reason.com, by Sheldon Richman, Oct 2015

These are hard times for us advocates of peace and free markets. As the 2016 presidential campaign heats up, where can we turn—assuming we must turn somewhere? 954 more words


The Establishment Epileptic Seizure

Recently Kevin McCarthy, the presumptive favorite for the Speaker of the House, withdrew his name. There are at least two reasons why. However, that moment of joy is not the big story. 345 more words

A Man Once Lived

A man once lived,

To a depressed nation, he was born,

To an esteemed family he belonged,

From here, his life seemed to be already sworn. 157 more words