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'Street fighters ready to go.' Trump and company creating ‘war room’ to intimidate and harass critics

“The White House is embracing the fight, which is going to last as long as Donald Trump is president. We’re getting street fighters ready to go…

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The D

Diabetes is the mother of all tyrannies. The bully on the block. I’ve never come across anything so relentless.

Bedtime sugars are high again. See the header image for this blog. 62 more words


Independent Journalists Reveal America’s Sinister War in Syria

From New Eastern Outlook, by Tony Cartalucci

Source: Independent Journalists Reveal America’s Sinister War in Syria | New Eastern Outlook

Syria is not experiencing a “civil war.” It is being targeted by both proxy and direct military force organized by the United States and its allies for the explicit purpose of dividing and destroying yet another Middle Eastern nation. 1,557 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

No apologies, no shame, no surrender: True conservatives must continue to stand our ground against the Marxist left and Trumpist right

Trump supporters/Alt-Right folks: You all have a right to be angry about what has happened in America in the 21st century. It is the solutions to these problems that you have undertaken that are so tragically, pathetically, and comically wrong. 457 more words

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#GetLit and #ResistTyranny

My experience as a Filipino immigrant in America is quite complicated at the moment, because I feel like I’m beset my fascism no matter where I turn. 163 more words


“Terrorism will continue as long as it continues to bear fruits. The fruits may be different for different causes. Sometimes it is simply publicity. Sometimes it is a recruitment tool.

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#StrongerOUT will focus on legal reform to restore #FreeSpeech in Britain

What is freedom of speech? What is a ‘malicious communication’? This is the fundamental issue now facing everyone in Britain as the ‘hate speech’ tyranny escalates to wipe out freedom of expression or to shape it entirely in line with neo-Marxist ideology. 1,235 more words