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Game of Thrones - The Best of Tyrion Lannister

 I’m not a big fan of TV in general but Game of Thrones is definitely one of the finest shows the medium has thrown up in the last decade or so. 658 more words


Book cover trends: Fabio is out of fashion!

One of the guest presenters in the free online event I watched in October was a guy who’s a big gun in book cover business. He talked about what you… 579 more words


Deconstructing The Concept Of Honour With Jaime Lannister

The traditional view of a knight is an armour wearing hero who saves maidens. They are considered honourable, noble and gallant. But a knight’s honour is different to the modern view of honour, and a character who personifies that difference is Jaime Lannister. 1,027 more words



In the spirit of our upcoming magazine, The Searchlight, we at Indy Press have decided to gift our audience with a special publication this week. Being our first-ever themed edition, each of the articles on this board as you read ties into an overall idea. 203 more words

Buddies of Westeros: Bronn and Podrick

As I sometimes do, I have a new Game of Thrones post on the Watchers on the Wall site. Happy Westeros Wednesday!

I’d realized that among all of the lords, ladies, wildlings, wizards, and wights that I’d written about, I’d never gotten around to writing anything about that stalwart squire Podrick Payne. 210 more words



You may remember a few weeks ago, a post showcasing some of the artwork painted as part of the Hit The North Festival.

When I went out to photograph the aftermath, I didn’t get all the photographs I wanted, as the pieces on Exchange Way were not finished, and there was a cherry picker still parked outside The Dirty Onion blocking any chance of a decent photo. 206 more words


“My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer and I have my mind…and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.

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