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Game of Thrones

Let me confess! I was one of those skeptics, not believing in GoT. I thought it was over-rated without even watching it. I am the guy who skipped all the GoT memes on 9GAG because I had no fucking clue. 195 more words


Another passage from The Seven-Pointed Star came back to him. “The Maid brought him forth a girl as supple as a willow with eyes like deep blue pools… 433 more words


Game Of Thrones Catch Up

So let me give you a little background on my tv watching experience…I don’t have any. I’m not a big tv guy, nothing really catches my interest and if I’m watching something I HAVE to start from the beginning. 1,643 more words


Top 5 des memes sur Game of thrones

En attendant la saison 7, qui sortira sans environ 12 mois… Voici quelques uns des meilleurs memes & détournements de la célèbre série.

Attention spoilers ! 64 more words

Game Of Thrones

Who doesn’t love Tyrion Lannister? You?

Okay, you suck.

Just kidding. No offence.

But seriously, you can’t say you don’t think Tyrion is epic?

Going off topic here.

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Tyrion Lannister : Game Of Thrones

Perhaps there is no one so naive denying his knowledge of Game Of Thrones. A TV show regarded with great favour, philia and affection where several Royal families desire the Iron Throne to gain control of the Westeros. 494 more words